Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is doing great! Weve entered a great month of the Christmas season. A time to really think about Christ and the joy and blessing we recieve because of him. I am so thankful for the love of our Savior and the opertunity we have through his atonment to return to our father in heaven. 

Well the work is going great! Im way excited because the majority of our investigadors are attending church and really progressing. The missionaries during Navidad always try to have investagords with baptismal dates to do what they call a noche blanca. Each companionship tries to have at least one person that is going to get baptized or more is even better and the whole zone or a couple districts get togeater and have a noche blanca (white night because everyone are dressed up in White). Im excited because I think were going to have one but me and Elder Barragan in our sector one because we live far from the others and we have a good amount of friends preparing to be baptized. So ya, the work is really good. It all pays off when you work hard. Hopefully it all Works out. Well, we got great great news this week! Were going to the TEMPLE! I cant even express how happy i am. Becuase they told me when i arrived that we dont get to go to the temple for Christmas but now we do. Im so excited! Well, This week i had another eating experience. All I can say that for the first time being here somthing has made me gagg. Ive eaten many interesting things but nothing like the trompa de baca or in english it would be the face of a cow. I honestly wanted to throw up because he was pure gushy rubbery.  I dont even know what to call it. It just looked nasty and the wost part of everything is when you eat it you feel all the barb hairs brushing against your mouth. That was probably the worst! Anyway we were given a bunch of it and i new i would not be able to eat it all without throwing up but gracia a dios the hermana had to go to the restroom and when she left we imediatly found a bag laying around and put a good amount of the stuff in the bag and then hid it in our backpacks becuase we didnt want to offend her. So ya, that was fun. Well no time, but i know this g√≥spel is true and i know that President Thomas s Monson is called of god. Just watching them last night in the xmas devocional the spirit was strong with just feelings of peace and confort. I love you all so much!
Elder Jacobsen 

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