Monday, February 24, 2014

More Time to Serve the Lord!

Wahooooo! MORE TIME TO SERVE THE LORD! Thats what I'm talking about! Isn't that awesome! Well, its honestly a blessing that I get more time! Wow! So, this week has been a good week! We had a great attendance of investigators yesterday at church! Please keep F. Vinces, Mirna, Briggitte, Dominicia, Hector, and everyone else in you prayers! Pray that Mirna can get married, and please help us keep having more people to teach! Hay que encontrar a Bastantes que estan dispuestos a escuchar! Well, I was able to participate in a baptismal service that was a little different. It was a special experience. So a 99 year old Hermanita got baptized and I was not expecting to be part of here baptism. I'll try to keep it short. So the sister is in a wheel chair and well, in the end I ended up being able to help so that she could be baptized. We had to carry her into the font and at first we tried with her in a chair but that didn't work so what worked was for me to kneel down in the font and hold her on my knee. I dont know exactly how to explain it but it was a neat experience and getting to carry her in my arms out of the font was special. Dont have pics but I'll try to get some. Anyway, P-day was fun today! Went to the Puntilla! And hey, saw Elder Crisp! El novio de la prima de mi mejor amiga. jajaja! And some time with mi amigo Elder Randall! 
Love you all! Take care! 

Elder Jacobsen 

Scriptures: Read them, Enjoy them, Apply them!

Hello! How's it going? Well, I'm in a new sector-zone and it seems like a good sector. I already know the most part of the sector I would say. haha. Well, my companion is Elder Soto from the Republica Dominicana. I don't know exactly what to say about my companion in this message. But please pray for him and us that we can have lots of success. Well, we have some great people. Please keep in your prayers la hermana Mirna (she needs to get married), Hno Pedro (a young man that has great potencial), and la familia Vinces (the mom and 3 girls this week accepted a baptismal date for the 22) The mom did attend church and has to get married but has potential. We need to teach the parents the Law of Chastity. 
So what else, hahahah. Oh, one of the Zone Leaders is Elder Randall! A good friend! Ya, that's about it. Love you all! Be good! And read the scriptures! Enjoy them! Learn from them! And APPLY them! They are a gift from god to help us. Hay que aprovechar! 

Elder Jacobsen 

Ferroviario Experiences

Hello Hello! Como estan por allá! Ya estamos en Feb! Well, yes I have some news! I am no longer in Triunfo! haha. I'm now in DURAN SUR again! Wahoo!!!! But in a different sector! But I'm excited because I already am familiar whith this zone I guess you can say! So sweet! And if I get the opportunity to have an intercambio in La RIVERA (were I was) that would be sweet because I could possibly see how some converts are doing and just see some of those GREAT people again! So I'm here with Elder Soto de la Republica Dominicana! Well, what else! Oh ya, I ate fish eye this week! Wahoo! hahahaha. (I think thats what it was!) Truthfully, I don't think the flavor was that bad! Oh and I have a funny story with a brother storming around while we were in a lesson.  He was yelling to shut the door with a towel on and a broom in his hand! He was after a dog that was in the house and wow that was not expected at all! hahaha. After things  calmed down and the dog and the hermano were no longer in the house, all of the sudden we hear the yelping from the dog! Poor dog! But come to find out, the dog had  bitten the daughter of the hermano! Anyway, I love you all so much! Hope to have lots of success here in Ferroviario! 
Elder Jacobsen