Monday, June 25, 2012

Pig Tongue

Hola! I hope everyone is doing great! I hear things that are just blowin my mind! Justine married, Chase engaged! everyone moving up in school or graduating!  This is crazy! But im happy that everything seems to be going great back home! Well, got new teachers this past week. One of them who is our night teacher is awesome and we call him papi and our morning teacher teaches us how to never teach! Im sure she is a great lady and i dont want her to sound evil but i straight up had a nightmare about her a few nights ago. She is so mean to us and treats us like 5 year olds. I think we have here to teach us patience so that we cant deal with much more a difficult person on the mission. she will be tough to beat. Its tough to feel the spirit with her so its good practice to learn how to keep the spirit with you when you have so many reasons not to. Anyway enough bout that. Not important. There are 3 Ecuadorians here and 2 of them are Black! I love it it and miss black people so much. And not even being bias, they are by far the coolest latinos here. Haha, so cool! Cant wait to go to ecuador! My companion Elder Quispe is such a nice guy! he couldnt harm a fly. He is a 1 year convert and hardly knows anything! Haha, so funny experience. We knows like no scriptures and asked me for a scripture on faith. I told him Alma 32. Anyway, were teaching a lesson later that night and its great. Im understanding and talking quite a bit. It was about the sacrement and the importance of it and i look at Elder Quispe to see if he wanted to share anything and he hands here the scriptures and i look and its Alma 32. In my head i was like no no no, what are you doing! Our investigador looked up at us like what in the world does this have to do with anything. Quispe looked at me and i realized he wanted me to explain and i just laughed and said faith is really important and continued on with attending chruch and what we were talking about. But after the lesson he was really excited that he used a scripture and i was happy. Hes trying and will be so great throughout the mission! It will be so great to see-talk to all these elders in a couple years and just see how much everyone has grown and this great gospel. I dont know if i mentioned this but i love Elder Holland so much! He is the most inspiration speaker ever. MTC devotionals in general are the greatest! Im determined to go the the mtc after the mish and steel all the recordings. They are some of the best talks i have ever heard in my life. Everytime i hear them i am on a huge spiritual high. I just want to mantain the spiritual high forever but its difficult. I try to remember to remember the spiritual highs when you have the daily lows. It has helped. Well i dont know much more to say. we didnt go proselyting this week because the new group came in... I guess ill finish with the finale of what i unintentionally ate last night. So they gave us the option of carne or this wierd looking meat and what i thought was ham in the middle. I decided to take a break from carne and go with the other thing. As im almost done eating it a latino elder across from me says "te gusta lengua". I like choked and was hoping i didnt hear him right. Becuase lengua is toungue. I asked around and found out that i had just had my first pig toungue. Hahaa! I wasnt horrible to be honest. Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all your love and support!
Elder Jacobsen

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