Friday, June 15, 2012

She Went!

Big week! So many things that i wish i had time to tell you! started off with an earth quake but nothing to big. Similar to CA ones! All the gringos were going nuts though. It was funny!  Well we went back to Rimac and we found out that Alejandrina went to church! I was so happy! And so was elder Flores! It gives you a boost and helps you realize that we really are here to help people! So i dont know if i told you but when we go in Rimac we have to go with a member. Our member is Edwuardo! He is the best! We went to his sisters house because she has been an inactive for three years and he said he felt the random urge to have us go talk to her. A couple people didnt answer the door so we had time to. Her name was Nadia and she is a single mother but has a boyfriend. Anyway, we went through an awesome lesson with her! I could tell she totally felt the spirit! I asked her if she would please go to church with here brother this past sunday. She said she definitly wants to go and wants to change her life. That she knows its time to trust in god. She bore her testimony and it just got better and better! I looked over at edwuardo and he had nothing but smiles on his face. I got so emotional and realized what was going on. I cant express how cool it is to see the gospel fill others with joy. I miss you all so much. But it is so worth it being a missionary and leaving my family for two years so others can be with their families for eternity. Anyway, edwardo asked if he could stop by his house. we said yes of course and he rushed in side and came out and gave us a tie and cookies. He said how thankful he was and that his sister said she would never go to church again but now she will. It was awesome! Oh so we were in a house teaching and this nice lady brought out a pitcher of water and mixed some juice mix into or somthing. Anyway before i realized i cant drink the water her she gave me a huge glass full and said drink. I couldnt say no. Haha. I was like oh no. My only choice was to pray like crazy that i wouldnt die from it. I might have over reacted because im alive and doing great! Ive just heared some stories! Anyway Elder flores and all the latinos left! It was the hardest part of the mission so far! I never thought i would get so attached in 3 weeks but i truley came to love all those guys! Me and elder flores were saying our last companionship prayer togeather the night before he left and when i finished he just started balling. It was crazy! We hugged for like 5 minutes! Im gonna miss him and all the other latinos! They will be great! Got my new companion last night! Elder Quispe. Dont know him to well but he seems like a nice guy. well today was awesome! Other than waking up. I jump of my bunk into 2 inches of water. One of the new elders messed up a washer and it had been leaking all night. The whole hallway and everything is flooded. But besides that we went on a tour today with president cardon! It was sweet! Saw the city of lima! And we went to a little market and there was a section for jerseys. Me elder magil, randall, and christiansen looked all over for a ecuador jersey but they dont like ecuador over here to much! Haha, there like rivals. we checked one last rack and found some! Stoked! Se we got a peru jersey and ecuador cuz as much as were loving Peru, we gotta represent Ecuador somtimes. haha. Anyway, Im loving it here! The spirit is strong, people are great, work is hard, tons to learn, the gospel is true! Im loving it and hope everyone is doing great back home! starting next week please send anything to my mission home in ecuador. Thanks everyone! Hope to hear from you all soon! I have the best family and friends in the world!

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