Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Loving Peru

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well back home! Hope to hear from all of you through mail!  I made it through the first week of the Peru CCM (mtc)! It has been awesome! Where to start! I will probly only be able to say like a tenth of what i want to but oh well. ill start with the food. It is not to bad at all! In fact im really enjoying itd! Definitly different thats for sure! And definitly some things i do not need to try again. and this is only in the mtc. haha. out in the field is going to be a whole new level. Lots of fruit and lots of rice! And then lots of other stuff that i have no idea whats it is called. but its honesty not bad! Some of the worst stuff to eat is the things that is "american" food. i think they try to do it for the americans and it is not what they were trying to make. but its all good! Oh and the coolest thing ever! 845 every night is FRUIT TIME! its awesome! Coolest thing ever. we all run around yelling tiempo de fruit and its great! I am definitly planning on making that a tradition in my life! well lets just say that every north american here has gotten sick! EVERY! more than half have got whats called the double dragon. its when you clean your body out through both ends at the same time if you know what i mean. wont say any more. haha. luckily for me i havnt had that. my stomach has been good to me. but i have had some crazy headaches and a runny and stuffed head all week. Oh and ive already 5 pounds. not good! Soccer is awesome! Got the first goal last thursday for our zone and all the latinos went nuts. Its way competative and way fun! It hit me when i was playing one day that i am in Peru playing soccer. I just looked around and took it in. It was awesome! Oh and humor is not the same here. At all! haha. for example. when you stop them from scoring and say no en mi casa or not in my house they just look at you like what the heck are you saying. but the latinos natives are awesome! I already love them! They are so patient with us and always try to help us! Pretty much every other sentence we say the just laugh at us. They laugh at us probly a thousand times a day for things we say or do. its hilarious. Well the language is the language. It is easy to get down but i just have to tell myself it will come. poco a poco. I pray every night that i will get it. Grammer is starting to make a little more sense. But it is still impossible to understand what there saying (they talk a hundred miles per hour). I get like one word, try to translate it, and by that time theyve said like 20 more. haha. its crazy! But i know god will help me, and some day it will come. Just like the provo mtc, the spirit is way strong here! I love it. In sacrament meeting (fast sunday last sunder here) we couldnt understand nada but when the latinos shared their testimonies you can feel the spirit so strong. You knew that they knew the gospel is true. It doesnt matter what language or if you cant understand the language. They gospel of Jesus Christ will still be true and have the spirit with it wherever you go! I love it! I love this place! Ecuador has high expectations now. haha. There is a lot of rules here. You thought provo was strict, this is even stricter. But all for good reasons. we cant take pictures except on Pdays for a couple hours so that stinks but today is pday and has been awesome. This morning we took a little bus (like 30 people crammed into like a 10 person bus!) haha. and went to the Lima Temple. It was great! Then we were allowed to go do some shoppin near the temple. It was awesome! It was the first bit of freedom! Haha. I wish we didnt have a time limit because i wanted to just go up to people and talk to them about the gospel. I can hardly speak but ive been working on my testimony and cant wait to go share it and share the gospel. And saturday we get to go out! Cant wait! This gospel is so true and so great! If i can feel the love of my father in heaven and the spirit this strong in a language and place i dont understand then this gospel of Christ cannot be denied. I love it! Wish i could talk for another 2 hours but cant. Love you all! God Bless!
Elder Jacobsen

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