Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week #4 It Has Begun!

Hola mi familia y amigos! first off i want to apoligize for all the typing mistakes im about to make because these keyboards are really wierd. well i made it! Woke up at 2am yesterday and finally got here at 2am this morning. By far the longest day yet! haha. Goodbyes were not to bad in provo and i was excited to leave rather than sad. Elder Jarvis was a little down about it but i know he{ll be fine! It was nice to get out into the real world again! People would come up to us and tell us good luck and then you would have kids say mom dad look, theres the missionaries! It was becoming more and more reall! when we finally reached the miami airport we went to check on our gate to lima and thats when it started.. We got in the plane and there was not one bit of english, not even the flight attendants! I was like oh boy! There was like us 4 elders and maybe a couple other gringos compared to hundreds of natives and then some random asain couple next to us! It was sweet though! Oh and i definitly had a brian reagon moment! Being in the very back of the plane we were to be last to get dinner. they anounced that they had carne, pollo, and pasta. I was craving one last bit of meat but i saw exactly what was going on as they slowly came down the huge plane! By the time they got to us they said we have a nice cold fish head. haha kidding, but only pasta was left. that was my last american meal! We landed in lima and had to wait for a couple more missionaries for a couple hours. when we finally left we were loaded into this wierd van thing and the adventure and crazyness began! If you ever think you{ve seen crazy traffic you have not. It was the most exciting scary drive i have ever experienced in my life. theres a horn honk like every half a second and i thought we were going to get slammed like 100 times! I was holding on to my seat belt and ready to crash for dear life. at the same time it was awesome seeing the city of lima! I dont care how hard this is going to be, its gonna be fun! They love neon in the city. i hear we get a tour of it next week so im way excited. we made it the the ccm (mtc) and when we unloaded all our bags a man came up to us and just started talking and pointing. we had no idea what he was saying. i just said si si si and followed were he pointed. we were shown our dorm and there were already threee natives sleeping so we felt way bad and tried to wake them up. one of them looked at us and i heared him mumble nuevo gringos. haha. they wernt to happy about us arriving. i was assined a top bunk but it happens to be directly underneat the only air vent! I was like praise the lord almighty. Because i was sweatin bullets. it is so hot and humid. And apparently this is nothing. All the natives had jackets and sweaters on. i couldnt believe it°! Its gonna take a long time to get use to the weather. but i do like the smell. somhow it feels like the beach which i love. and the mtc here from what ive seen so far is really nice quality. We were givin permission to sleep until 9 this morning but the native elders didnt know and kept waking us up telling us to get up but we didnt know how to tell them our instructions said to sleep to 9. we just ignored them. i felt bad. but oh well. Well thats whats happened! Not to much spiritual stuff in the last couple days. But i can say that the Lord watches out for all of us. Because i dont know how we wernt killed driving. ha! I love this gospel and pray to god i can learn this language so i can share our message! This is my new pday by the way! Hope all is well back home! I love you all!
Love, }
elder Jacobsen

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