Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week #1 "Attitude is Everything"

Hey Everyone! I hope everything is going great back home? It's only been a few days since ive seen and talked to a lot of you so this letter wil probably be somewhat short and sweet. Plus, you only 30 minutes to email here in the MTC which is not much! So if i scatter around a ton or randomly say gotta go then please forgive me! haha. Speaking of the MTC, it is crazy that i am here! Its almost surreal! When we walked in they gave you your name tag and when i looked down and saw Elder Jacobsen i was filled with joy and it was then official! Then i kept reading and saw "La Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos de los ultimos Dios" and thought uh oh! Haha, i almost forgot i was to learn spanish but bring it on right! In our first mini devotional with all the new elders we sang "to brign the world its truth" but they changed the song so that instead of saying "we will be, the lords missionaries" we sang "We are NOW the Lords missionaries..." and i immediatly got emotional! It was awesome! I am now the Lords servant and will be serving him and doing only his will for the next two years! it is awesome! Well Attitude definitly is everything here in the MTC! I've been told countless times that the first week is horrible or even the MTC is horrible! But i dont know what it is but i have loved the last few days and thought it has been great! Flying here was definitly a good idea. I think having my mindset in the right place has helped a ton! it was tough watching all the missionaries being dropped of by there parents and family because everyone was balling! And i'm sure it has been tough for those elders to get into it! Not that i dont miss all of you or have feelings for all of you but god has helped me accept and know that this is where i need to be! I have been blessed with a great first companion and district! Elder Remington is my companion along with Elder Jarvis and Elder Baker in our room. Our room is our district except for one other sister missionary hermana Harbison! I have gotten so lucky, because all of them have been great in many different ways! Elder Remington is a genius exsepcially when it comes to spanish! Elder Baker is up there in the genius too! They both know all these random facts and whatnot! Oh Elder Remington is going to the same mission as me which is awesome! So far we know of three others in our mission! I have to admit, as great as its been it has been hard and stressfull! Spanish is the killer! The first class our teacher Hermana Ruiz came in and just started talking! For like 10 minutes just imagine my jaw dropped! I didnt understand one word! Every time she looked at me i just nodded my head and said si haha... Eventually she asked if i understand and i said "I think im in the wrong class" haha... That was a reality check! I dont know anything! But she talked to me a little and said I know enough to be in intermediate and i would learn hardly anything in beginner so i guess its all good. Oh yesterday we had our first lesson with our investigator Paco and its was brutal! haha, elder Remington talked like 60% of the time becuase he's practically fluent sister harbison who also taught with us talked most of the rest and i said "el libro de mormon is verdadero" hahajk... i said a little more. But i am definitly the underdog in the district when it comes to spanish along with Elder Jarvis. But we help with the other aspects of exercising and staying positive! Everyone here is great! It is HARD Work but i'm ok with that because what doesnt kill ya makes you strong right!? The Gospel is true, i know it! The is the Lords church and i cant wait to preach and teach to the people of Ecuador. Just pray for me that i can eventually understand and learn a little bit of this language. Well i have 37 seconds! haha. I'll try to know what to say more next time! May God be with you all! I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you!
Elder Jacobsen

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