Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week #3 Off to Peru

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! I cant believe its already been three weeks! Somtimes i feel like i'll never make it through a day and then randomly im here emailing and i cant believe how time is actually flying. Life has been good here in the provo MTC. Uncle Brent told me how much he loved this place and i was a little hesitant to believe him because ive heared so many negative things but i'm actually going to have to take his side. I love it here! Its a little bit of a love hate as well (because its flippin hard, stressfull, stomach affecting, lacking of sleep, i could go on... haha.. but i wont :) But honestly, the spirit here is so strong. Singing with thousands of other missionaries, studying with thousands of other missionaries, and preparing to serve with thousands of my brothers is a pretty sweet experience! Speaking of singing. I've had to get out of my comfort zone a little to make things work with my two great companions! First off, is elder Jarvis who is very easy to get a long with because we have a lot in common. But he loves baseball and talks about it like 24/7 and ask me so many questions and quotes about it. And everytime as say Elder Jarvis, i love sports but baseball is the one that i know nothing about and have know desire to know about. He always gets mad and says its the best sport and we just laugh as he continues talking about it. Haha, At this rate i'll know more about basebal than thomas! hahanot (Speaking of T, a whole group of like 10 in my zone that were gonna go to Argentina got reassinged. So hes not alone!) I miss that guy! But anyway, i had to stretch my comfort zone even more with elder baker! Wowzers hes an interesting guy. But one way that i've realized makes him happy and forget about everything else is when i sing Phantom of the Operah, Frank Sinatra, and Josh Groban with him! Not me! And never will be! haha, but he loves it. And as awkward as it is, it is kinda fun just bolting out these random wierd songs! Dont judge me! So i weighed myself! And Havnt gained nada! I was bummed a little but i guess its a good thing. I really want to gain some weight so i dont come back a stick. But oh well! And I finally have felt like a veteran here in the MTC! ITs a fun feeling. haha. I might feel dumb every single day with spanish but when it comes to showering after gym. We got it down. SInce theres always like a mile line to shower while everyones changing we go in and turn a shower on and close the curtain. That way everyone thinks someones in it. Then we walk pass the line 5 min later and go right in. People have caught on but the first few times were hilarious seing their reactions. I felt genious for once in my life! So Spanish is Spanish. I'm not gonna keep being a baby about it! But it is so hard! Enough said! Tuesday was really tough for me but then i forgot we had another devo! Guess who came! Elder L. Tom Perry! Man am i so lucky! Two apostles in a row! And i heared from Perry of at BYU I and loved it so i was stoked!  Being tuesday he talked about how it was a very special day! 183 years ago the priesthood was restored on the earth! And because of it we have it today. He talked about the importance of it and how we may use it on our missions and for the rest of our lives! IT was so powerful and strong! He said a quote that i loved "It governs, it directs, it sustains all things. It is the Power of the Heavens and God!" That was awesome. I was overwhelmed with the fact that i have the potential and authority to act in the name of God! Through gods will i cant wait to help and serve as many people as i can through the priesthood that i contain! I love this gospel so much and exspecailly after hearing the words i did. I am still pumped today! Well, Its crazy! As i write this i only have 4 days left in the United States for 2 years! Its hard to even imagine! My last somewhat real food, bed, technology, home, and ENGLISH! I will be in PERU and ECUADOR, and i will make them my home for the next two years! I am not gonna lie, i'm pretty nervous! Not to travel or for the adventure! I cant wait for that part and all the crazy experiences. BUt mainly just commuticating. It hits me at times that i will not be able to communicate for a while. And its not the best feeling. BUt what is the best feeling is that GOD is with me! I can feel his love everyday and i know i can pray to him whenever i want! I will always have someone to communicate to! I cant wait to serve! I heared somthing that i loved, "Pray as if it all depends on the lord, and then work as if it all depends on you!" I love that! I know God will help me with what i lack! He lives, and as i work my hardest every single day. I will guide and strengthen me! This church is true! It really is. THe joy and happiness it brings is out of this world!  I love you all so much! Cant wait to here from you all!
Love Always,
Elder Jacobsen

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