Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well hello my wonderful family and friends! 

How is everyone doing! Hows the weather. I imagine that in Cali its pretty nice. Im sure you can guess how the weather is here! haha! ITs Hot, Humid, Rainy, and hot and more humid! haha! But actually im way excited because today at least for right now it is bright and sunny which i like a lot more than the rain. Being here in Ecuador for a little while i have realized a couple things on how i like the weather. So if i had to pick one type of weather to live in for the rest of my life it would definitely be the sun but not scorching hot (you can say southern California) but i will not say i am one of those people that do not like rain or snow or cold. I love the snow and i dont dislike rain. Its just a matter of how much time! I love to throw in little change and i would love a month of snow here in the mission but ya i dont know were im going with all this. I guess i just say you can find joy and fun in whatever type of weather your in! So ya, just enjoy life! haha

Well this week was the carnival which we were given permission to leave but we ended not leaving do to a weak gringo. Yes i was a little under the weather. (Geeze, enough of the word weather.) ha! But its all good. Dont worry! Im doing a lot better! I was sent to a clinic in Guayaquil and will see what they say (Im still good with my goal of not going to the hospital! wahoo!) But unfortunately i wasnt able to see to much of the crazy ecuadorian  carnival! The next one! I hope! But we did leave to eat lunch and i saw enough to be abe to tell you guys that its crazy! And i wouldnt have been able to take pictures anyway because the camera would get destroyed. What else... Oh the elections were yesterday! i dont know who won yet but well see. Jeeze they go nuts here with elections. TOns of parades and street meetings and whatnot. THe streets yesterday were packed like crazy because the whole country has to vote all in one day! And if your grew up in Daule but moved to Gauyaquil (as an example) you have to come back to Daule to vote! Its nuts so the traffic was just a reck! And we got word that all north americans have to avoid as much as possible and be in the house at 4! Dont know why but thats what they told us. So ya. 

Well not much else to say. I wont lie to you and say we had the most amazing week of work because it was a little slow but i did have a lot of time to study more about this wonderful gospel! I love it so much! It gives me so much hope! Hope or Esperanza is becoming a big big word for me and my life! I have been learning and realizing that with out faith and hope there is nothing. I dont have a chance! Im done! But there is faith and there is hope! And i love it and am trying my best to increase my faith and hope. We can all do that everyday through HUMBLE prayer with our father in heaven and really SEARCHING the scriptures! I have found SO MUCH comfort in those two things i cant even express it. I wont go into it today another day! But they are amazing sources of help and love that can really help us. I will tell you that they have literally Saved me. I know god loves us and truly wants the best for us! Take care! I love and miss you all! 

Elder Jacobsen 

Ps. I attached one picture for the girls that like to brush there hair! Dont play with your hair and a comb while watching tv. THis is what happens. haha) 

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