Monday, February 4, 2013

Gangster Missionary

Well its rainy season! haha. So hows everyone doing! Can you believe that January is already gone! This is nuts! But as i was saying, its rainy season! January was a little teaser. And i guess now in Feb and March it just gets crazy and lighting begins to come as well. Well time is flying! And its wierd because this week was not the easiest week but yet i cant believe its already monday. I guess im just starting to get used to things a little bit better. 

But ya, this week was a little slower. We had to contact like all week and thought we found some great people but then they all fell through or the ones that we committed to church didnt come to church. I have catholic friends and i love and respect you but ill tell ya that im not likin the cathlics to much here in Daule Ecuador. hahaha. I didnt think this was a shut the door in the face mission but it is here. Maybe its because were in a richer city but still. Has caught me off guard. Ive been thinking of what im doing wrong but i realize that we just got to push foward and do our best and the lord will do the rest! 

So my companion is doing good. being his ¨gangster missionary¨self. haha. Im doing my best trying to get along and so far we havnt had any big problems. But he cracks me up at times telling me all his gang stories in honduras and how gangster he is. He told me how his last companion who he apparently didnt like much because he told his companion in front of the asistants that if he wasnt in the misison and had a gun he would turn him into dust. I was like, thats real comforting. haha. Anyway i have a lot of other funny stories from this guy but i wont drag on from it. Im learning a lot from him and i hope that i can help him in a few things. (like avoiding his plan to kill the guys that killed his uncle when he gets back) Lets just say that companionship study will be on Perdon (forgivness) tomorrow. 

Well i love this work! I really do! Theres nothing better than just sharing this great gospel that literally changes lives! I love and miss you all so much! 

Elder Jacobsen 

P.s. Heres a picture of my companion that he took while i was in the bathroom. 
The Other picture is the coolest thing in the world! Out of two Carls Juniors that are in our misison one of them happens to be in our zone and i couldnt be happier to see this sign.! Coolest thing ever! By one Combo get another full combo free! Haleluya! I was in heaven! Life is good! Dont worry! I just ate 2 Western double bacons! 

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