Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Muy buenas tardes! Como estan! I hope everyone is doing great back home! Well first off i want to say thanks again to everyone for sending me letters and xmas cards and just your love and support for the holidays. I recieved a few this week and it really means alot. You know who you are. Thank you so much! I am so lucky to have such wondeful family and friends! Well this week has been pretty good week. Really weve just been contacting a ton... We dont have much. To tell you the truth, we have one investigador thats truley progressing. So please pray that we can find some new people to teach. And dont want to be picky, but maybe add to find a family. haha. But we have had some fun contacting. Contacting is something that some missionaries dread, like, are have to be in the mood. The good thing is, we have been making the best of it and just having contest who and doing daring games and just things to make it go by fast. 

We had some funny experiences and ill share one real quick. Well, lets say we got to know the police. So we were knocking doors and we come across a door and the a man answers who has a gun in his belt and i was like flippin out because there was no uniform that said police but he was nice and said how can i help you. I was like what? Just confused... We both didnt talk not knowing what to say. He asked agian what we wanted or if we had a problem. I just decided to tell him who we were. He practically said ok cool what do you want me to do. Lets just say we were walking under the signs and never saw the sign that said police station and i said what we want is that you listen to our message. He opened the doors and somewhat frusterated but nicley expalined and we just said sorry and walked away laughing feeling so dumb... But its all good. You learn really quick here in the mission to forget yourself and get over embarassment and just give what you can to the lord. 

Something that i was studing the other day was an article on missionaries. And somthing that i came across that i loved and i really want to improve. It was about what kind of person we are. Are we the kind of person that sees the multiple blessings that we recieve everyday or the kind of person that focuses only and that one bad thing or negative. Everyday we can choose to be happy or sad. Its that simple. Even when we mess up. Nobody is perfect. Im as far as it comes from perfect and have messed of a ton. But a quote that i read is something like this. Sorry for the man that does not make mistakes. Because every mistake is a chance to learn and improve. Though i dont like making mistakes and im not proud of any of my mistakes, Thanks to the love of god and the atonment of Christ and the agency to choose to be happy and live the gospel we can truley live and love life! So have a great day! Viva la vida! I love and miss you all tons! 

Elder Jacobsen 

P.S. I attached a few pictures. First is of some of the members! The others are to answer a question that it seems everyone has been asking me. Yes there are a lot of mosquitos! And Yes they bite me! HAHA ... Ignoring my WHITE feet (havnt seen the sun in almost a year) and my hairy legs and feet(you can teas me all you want haha) here are some average bug bites that i get on a day to day basis here in DAULE ECUADOR. Gotta love it! But honestly, its all worth it! Theres nothing better than serving the Lord! 

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