Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

Wow, what a geat week! I hope you all hada wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a great new year! This week was great! Started off with talking to my love ones which was the best! One thing this mission is really doing is making me realize how lucky i am having such a great family and the best best friend in the world! Life isnt life without you guys! Your so far away but yet i honestly feel closer than ever to you! Its wierd! Now i know the amazing gift and plan of God to have eternal families. Theres nothing better! Haha, and I might add that i wasnt the only one the loved the skype. Pretty much the whole town of Monte Sinai loved looking at a bunch of gringos. Haha, just kidding but there were like 20 people in the room watching. We tried to explain before hand about the privacy and just the companions but that went down the drain as soon a Jacquelyn and Lauren popped on the screen! They were all taking pictures! It was so funny, awkward, but all worth it! Thanks to you guys we now have 2 new investigadors. I had no idea at the time because i was talking to the fam but while we were talking a man and his daughter stopped by and asked what was going on. They explained to him about the mission and he was really interested and they began to explain the church and all that and he now wants is to listen to us! Awesome! Thanks guys! Haha! Well I love this gospel! And i love family! I have heard the phrase a few times from different people like the morgan family, other elders, and other people that we give 2 years to share what we have been so blessed with so that others can have it for eternity. Its so worth it! I love seeing the changes in these peoples lives! Well i wont hide it from you this week because we are very happy and excited to have finished the year with 5 more baptisms. Oh I might add for my family that the girl i showed you that was behind me in the doctors room that lives there with him that has been listening but way hard. She was baptized! Ill try to attach some fotos. Anyway, it was a great week! The spirit of this holiday season has been strong and has helped us achieve some great goals. I know the lord and our father in heaven love us! May god be with you all especially for this new year of 2013! Make it great! Its wierd to think that this is my only full year away from home. 2012 i was home and 2014 i will return. Be great! Like you all are! Remember that ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! Every day you have the choice to make it the best day possible! Life is 10% whats given to you and 90% what you make it! Make it the best and with the lord!  Love and miss you so much!

Elder Jacobsen 

P.S I might add that we can not go out to work tonight or tomorrow. Kinda a bummer and i didnt understand why until today traveling in a bus. They have some crazy tradition here that for the new year tons of guys dress up like girls and just go around doing anything for money. You give them a buck to go kiss a guy across the street and theyll do it! Pretty funny and just wrong all at the same time! I was hiding for my life when two of them entered our bus! Luckly they didnt bug us! Haha! Oh and ill tell you about toniht next week! Ive been told its just crazyyy! Love you! 

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