Monday, January 7, 2013

First Change

So new years was pretty CRAZY and loud here! It was like a 30 min firework show wherever you looked! And I was in a poor sector... they say its crazier in other sectors. They just set off fireworks like its nothing and everyone is running around burning their giant dolls and burning the ano pasado (last year) away.  It was impossible to sleep!  Anyway, it was great to pass into the new year. This might sound wierd, but i truley feel like a new person just fresh in a new year. Its great to learn from all your mistakes and make goals to better your year, year after year. I know 2013 is going to be a great year. I know it will be for you all too! Attitude is everything right!  

Well, I was changed!  They called us at 7:00 this morning and told us we had to be in the terminal at 10:30 which is like asking the impossible haha. It was crazy and worse because we didnt have power so I didnt have time to bath and my suitcases look like balls.  Im going to have to start getting rid of things. haha. Too many books and what not. 

Well, what to say.  I feel wierd not being in my sector.  I am now with elder Izaguirre from Hondurus who has more than a year in the mission and seems to be a good guy.  Dont know him yet, so cant tell ya much, but im sure he is going to be great!  Im still in the provincia Gauyas but not out of Guayaquil and in the city Daule.  And our sector is called Daule as well.  There is a little bit of a change in the sector. In this sector from what I have seen coming here it is huge with tons of fields, a big river, and my companion was explaining that it is half rich and half poor.  I would say we definity live in the rich side because our house is actually a house. Im finally going to live under a roof again and i asked him if the power goes out and he said no!  WAHOOO! hahahaha... 

I really dont know anything yet so i will update you more next week!  I love you all so much! Please be safe and start off a great new year!  

Love and miss you! The Church is True!!!

Elder Jacobsen

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