Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hola! Como estan! I hope everyone is doing well! Well its been a good week! Im finally starting to get to know me new sector and how to get around. Its a very big sector. Bigger than Monte Sinai and has a litle bit of everything. So in all of our lunches we have had just tons of rice. Tons! And of course i am told that Daule is the capital of rice fields in Ecuador! Haha! Rice rice rice! wahoo! If anyone offers me rice when i get home i will smile and walk away. Dont get offended. haha, just kidding. But there is tons of rice here. Tons of rice fields! Also i dont know if i mentioned but this should also be the capital of mosquitos! Holy cow there are so many mosquitos and crickets here! Just bugs!!! I pretty sure its all becuase of the river daule that goes through here. 

Well, the work is going well. I will be honest and say that its a little tougher in this zone. Our zone was 10 elders and is now 8 because one of the sectors was closed down because it has been 3 months without baptisms. And i guess its a rule or somthing to shutit down for a while. But i know that the lord is preparing his children to hear the gospel. We jsut have to find them and teach them. But teach them with love and the spirit. If you dont love the people, you will never get anywhere. As i am learning to love my brothers and sisters in ecuador i am really starting to see the joy and love that our father in heaven has for us. Well me and elder Izaguirre had our first baptism as a companionship, which is always fun! But we had a little challenge before. When we went to get the font ready we had a suprise when we walked in (ill try to attach a foto). We had lots of little friends to clean up. I forgot to tell you! I had my first Wedding! WAHOOO! we finally got someon married. His name is sergio! Great guy! haha. Oh, so i was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting and it went well. I love the power of prayer. I can honestly promise that when i prayed that the lord will help me and then i went up to speak and before i knew it i wasnt the one speaking. it is somthing i cant explain but i love it. I testify that our loving father in heaven is a god of miracles. He has been, he is now, and he always be! I have seen, heared, and witnessed many in this short 8 months. If we open our hearts a little we can seek and find miracles every day! In my talk i invited all the members to ask in the personal prayers that god will give them oppertunities to share the gospel. I invite you all as well! The lord is preparing them and will put them in our paths. And we are promised that the spirit will help us speak! Dont be afraid! I love you all so much! This is a great work! 

Hasta luego! 

Elder Jacobsen 


Crickets in the Church


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