Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hooooolllaaa! Como estan! 

Wow, you just gotta love life. As life goes on I’m beginning to realize more and more poco a poco the love that God has for us and how he truly just wants us to be happy. So I hope your all just making the best of life and working hard in school, church, work, sports, and just everything you all do! 

Well we had a great baptism with a Senor named Carlos Rodriguez! He is awesome! We have been working with him for a while but we always lose him because he doesn’t really have a set place to live at. But he is a man that truly loves the Lord and looks always to do the Lord’s will. We had no trouble teaching him the word of wisdom, chastity, or anything. He has had a huge background with lots of other religions and studies doctrine like crazy but says he has always been so confused with all the churches and always looking for the truth. He knew God existed but he didn’t know where to go. Anyway, it was a perfect story of a guy looking for the truth and two missionaries finding him and now he’s a member de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. He actually has a strong testimony and says it all makes sense now. Anyway, that made me really happy. We want to talk to the members and see if we can build him a house of cana but we’re not sure if it’s possible. We´ll have to see. 

Well not to long ago I was able to get a couple songs that just recently came out on the church website two of which are called “Glorious” and “Its a New Start”. I have come to love them both! I realize how much I love music but I don’t know what it is with those two songs but they have really, really helped me! Both of these songs and the meanings that I have taken out of them have really been able to apply to my life. I would love to talk about each one but not enough time right now.   So, I’ll share a little bit about the song “Glorious” because “It’s a New Start” is a little easier to understand. I have taken the song “Glorious” in somewhat of a different way I guess you can say. I love the song and its lyrics but I have taken my own meaning from it. One of the parts I love is when it says, “ITS  A SYMPHONY”. As a few of you know, at times I like to make my own music on the piano and like to play around and come up with a song. I have been thinking about this song and how it can apply to life. I’ve come to think of life in somewhat of a different way. That each one of us in life is creating our own personal symphonies or songs you can say. There is a purpose as the song says. We each have a purpose here and as we live our lives we have to find the pieces and notes that all come together. It’s a process. We can’t do it all at once but we improve each time or each day. When I would play with songs I would often get lost or not know what to play next and that happens often in our lives. As I tried to find the right notes I often messed up and had to try again. And I had to truly listen. In life it is ok to mess up. I testify that we are not perfect. We mess up. And though it’s hard we have to keep trying and keep progressing. And we have to listen. But not just with ours ears but with our heart. If we listen to our hearts and the sweet spirit of the Lord we will be guided and know what to do next. God loves us, and he wants to guide and help us even when we make mistakes. But we have to listen. Sometimes in my song I will think something sounds good for a moment and as I continue I realize it doesn’t match at all and it would ruin the whole song! Now, Satan exists and will try to present things that for the short moment seem interesting or good. But in the grand picture it’s not the best and in the end of the song or life it will mess it all up. We have to find these notes and take them out. They might be all over and it’s hard to get rid of them but it’s worth it in the end. Or maybe you have a piece of the song that you like but if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t fit. You got to take it out! That could be like addictions or sins. We have to take out the sin of our life and progress and do the will of the Lord and not of the world! And to finish up. Lots of times I have the song where I like it and it does sound good but as I listen more and play more I find something better to put in or exchange out. In life, we shouldn’t be afraid to improve. We might be doing something that’s not bad but its not the best. As we get older and live life we need to be willing to adjust and humble ourselves before the Lord. It’s a process but we can enjoy it. I like playing around on the piano. I enjoy it. We need to enjoy life and do our best! I have dedicated a couple of songs and it is the same in real life. We dedicate our life to God and will have to play it to him. Though it will not be perfect if God sees that we have a sincere heart and are trying our best to improve he will erase and forget our many mistakes. I love that! The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and is something very big for me and my life and for all of us. I love this gospel and know there is nothing better. I invite all of you to make your song but never forget who you’re making it for. I love you all so much!  Take care! 

Elder Jacobsen 

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