Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Como estan! Well very little time but a few things to keep you updated on! Well Elder Izaguiree was transfered today. But im glad he got to pass his birthday here which was yesterday. I think he had a pretty good day. We ended up having a good companionship. Yes he was a somewhat gangster missionary but we learned a lot from each other and were able to have some success. Anyway I have pretty much already had my birthday.  Yesterday was locisimo! We had two lunches and 2 dinners and 4 cakes!  I have never eaten so much in my entire life.  I was full after the first lunch. But here you have to eat what they give you and man it was hard. But i get to pass my cumpleanos with my new companion Elder Da Silva from Brazil!  Now I have 2 brazileneo companions. haha! Anyway, dont know much about him yet so cant say much but i hope it goes well.  Anyway, were  running late with tons to do. Sorry. But im doing good. Im just trying to work hard and improve as a missionary, as a person, and as a son of God. Always tons to improve on! Always! The work is a little tough  right now.  Isidro knows its true but his family is fighting against him!  He needs help! Keep him in your prayers. Also another young girl Marissa is fighting between following her heart or what the world wants.  Keep them in your prayers please. Other than that were with nothing. We have to find more people! 

I love this work! I love growing and emercing in it! Theres nothing better! And i think its sweet because the year that I have changed as a new person leaving behind lots of things ive learned from in 2012 is the same year that i will be leaving my teenage years and entering a new series. It helps me even more just feel like a new person and can just leave cosas locas atras en mi juventud like they say here.  But i wont lie, I feel really wierd leaving the teenage time just not being able to say im a teenageer. Its scary. haha.  I love who im becoming but i plan on stayin young at heart. Well. Please stay safe and know that i love you all so much and so does our father in heaven! Cuidense mucho! 

Elder Jacobsen 

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