Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trunky Companion

Well hello mis queiridos amigos y familiares. As always I hope that everyone is doing just dandy! So this week has been a good week! The people here are so so nice! I love the people here in Ecuador! They always want you to be happy and welcomed. Im getting to that point again were some of these people here are really starting to become real friends. I really have to think of how I am going to come back to latin america and this great country to visit so many wonderful people. Thats the goal! 

Anyway, so i think i told you about my new companion elder Da Silva de brazil. Hes a pretty nice guy Really funny! . Hes packed with tons of knowledge! He loves to learn! He practically speaks 4 languages. But if anyone knows what trunky means. That can describe my companion. Tronkisimo! haha. ¨yo me voy y tu te quedas loco¨ is the frase that i hear a hundred times a day when i have to wake him up doing jumping jacks next to his bed, or proselite, or anything.haha. But he really is a nice guy. And i make him work but at least he does it. He always say jokingly Ă«res demaciado obediente bro, pero esta bien. haha. I just laugh and for now were doing alright. I know the Lords testing me and seeing if im serious. I need to develop diligence in the change!  Its a bummer because hates Spanish and only wants to talk Portuguese and English with me in the street and house  but he does understand the grammar and some of my last little complications with Spanish hes helping me work out.  Like Por and Para. Something so simple. Pero, its been the one thing that i seem to mess up. So ya, for a update on the Spanish. I'm getting it! I still have tons to learn and to improve on. The cosa es that when i talk faster i make mistakes. But that will come with time. I want to talk faster because it helps take away a little of my gringo accent! I know that its practically impossible take away a gringo accent put when i talk to the gringos that all have lots of time in the mission you can hear differences. They all have gringo accents but some develop their accents a lot lot better than most. I dont know. But ya, just trying to learn different phrases and improve my vocab. Thats another problem. Ive gotten so used to saying the same words over and over and over that im very limited. I want to expand my vocabulary. Because i sounds like ive just memorized everything. haha. So ya.- 

Well the works going good. We've just been contacting and contacting like crazy! I think im going to ask president permission to try proseliting in another town a half hour away because were not getting anywhere here in the city of Daule.... 

Well, time to close up. Sorry. No time! Oh, and Im now 20. Yes its a little different saying that but i honestly love just adding on to being a new person. learned a ton from my juventud and im just excited to use all that i learned from my teenage errors to just have the best journey in the 20s as possible in the path of the lord. And then 30s and you get the point! I love this gospel so much! Love it! Live it! Share it! I love you all! 

Elder Jacobsen  

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