Monday, April 8, 2013

New Mission - Mission Split

Well hello! How is everyone doing! I hope all the sports, church, highschool, middleschool, college, work, mom life, old life, or whatever is just going absolutly great! From what I hear everyone is doing awesome and just makin the best of all of our many blessings that our loving father in heaven has given us! The more I think about things the more I realize how lucky we are and how much our father in heaven really loves us! 

Well not much time as always but some big news. Some people have been asking about the 58 new missions in the world and that two will be here in ecuador and if it will affect this mission! We recieved our answer this past week. YES! It will definitly be affecting our misison. 50% of our misison! They are going to split up Guaquil North (My mission) and South to be able to add Guayaquil WEST. They will be taking about 50% of the Missionaries here to be able to start off the other mission and then quickly send more and more misisonaries becasue of the increase. Whats my opinion. Cool right! But I am completly mixed on feelings. I do not like the fact at all of some good friendships might end up in another mission! That will definatly be hard! Oh and as of now this will take place in july or june. Im sure many will say changing missions would be sweet! But i dont know! Gauyaquil North is my mission! haha. And I guess I will be honest, i dont want another misison president! My mission president knows me and has been a great help. But, I have really come to learn that evrything happens for a reason. I know that phrase is so cheesy but its so true! If we are doing are best, the lord will help do what is best for us. I will go and i will do right! And really the only thing thats important is my objective and purpose. Doesnt matter where. Invite others to come unto Christ! Thats what i will do until the last day of the mission! 

So i have no idea if I mentioned that Isidro was baptized! I know many were praying for him! Thank you so much! He and Carlos have been preparing to receive the priesthood! They are both progressing great! Its the best! 

Well I have to make a shout out to all my buds!!! Many have been writing me and I cant tell you how much it means to me! And I always received birthday letters from a ton of you! I am so lucky to have the best clan of friends in the world! Its rare to have a group that will actually be life time friendships! From school, to sports, to Los Barbos, to know. I will never forget you all! Love ya! And now i have to give a shout out to the most amazing best friend in the world! I received the sweetest bday package! I love you BRI! Thanks for just being you! Man, I am getting emotional thinking about all you guys! How lucky to have family and friends like you! I pray that you are all safe! But know its time to focus on sharing this great JOY with all the people here! I love and miss you all! 

Elder Jacobsen 

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