Monday, April 8, 2013

Keep It Simple

Bueno, not much to say this week. The work is on a down level. We dont have many people to teach. Me and my companion are trying to figure out how to teach togeather in unity. We both teach in very different ways. But i feel like we are loosing everyone we find. Sorry, i should try to be more positive but ive been spoiled for the past year with lots of people to teach and great unity with my companion. My companion is very very smart! He speaks almost 4 languages and loves to study study study. Very complicated things that i dont understand for the life of me. He tries to explain scientific things to me in spanish and i just tell him. Hey man, i dont even understand these things in English, how am i going to understand in spanish. hahahah. Hes a nice guy and im learning a lot from him. But ill just say that lessons should be no more than 45 minutes and weve had hour and a half lessons and more. Im trying to convince my companion that direct and simple is the key with them. If not they will get confused or bored. But its all a work in progress. The good part is that im learning a lot! 

Anyway, enough about all thatl Life is all good! We had a great lesson yesterday in church about exepting the atonment of Christ, accepting the blessings, and accepting the joy that we are offered. I loved it! I realized somtimes we are naturally thinking of all the things that are not going well or that need to happen for the future and we just overwhelm ourselves at times. When really we just need to be happy for all that we have. Its seems so simple. hahah! Well, I have a testimony of this amazing work. Even though we are in a bit of a hole right now I dont have a doubt in my mind that there are children of god, our brothers and sisters, that are here in this sector right now, waiting to hear from us. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone! Always! Its never too early or too late! I love and miss you all so much! Please take care! And know that i love you! 

Elder Jacobsen 

The Fotos are of a sweet old fashion type writer and of delicious brownies from my Buddy B! 

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