Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lifes Great

Wellllll Helllllooooo!!!!!! How is everyone doing!?!??! I hope everyone is doing great during this great time of the year, just enjoy all the blessings that God has blessed us with. Well the mission is growing a ton! Lots of new missionaries. The normal 6 week change when the new missionaries come doesn't even exists anymore because the church is just sending them. Its crazy but awesome! Just some big changes in the LORDS WORK! We all know that there is no time to waste in sharing this gospel with everyone so that everyone can have the opportunity!

Well they are also sending new things throughout all our misison! Its pretty sweet! They are spoiling us! We have new furniture, new kitchen things, and a desk and its all really nice! But it was hard to throw away the old desk that has missionary signatures back from 1980! Crazy right! But its cool because I can say I was the last to sign them and then I am debating to be a rebel and be the first to sign underneath the new generation of furniture! hahaha.

Well I have had the opportunity to listen back on some conference talks and read over some notes! Man what a GREAT conference! Loved it! Honestly helped me so much! I now truly understand the importance and blessing of General Conference! I now look at it as an awesome opportunity to learn and grow and feel the spirit rather than a couple of Sunday naps (even though that is tempting for everyone. hahahajk) But honestly I am loving these talks. I was listening to Elder Neil Anderson and I loved it becasue he said Somos pocos (we are few) Pero Somos Testigos ( But we are witnesses) I hope that all translates. I love that! We are so blessed to have this Gospel! It is the ONLY way back to our father in heaven. How lucky! We are witnesses of TRUE HAPPINESS! We must share it! The apostle said! Take out your old mission badges! If you dont have one make one (and dont put it on haha) but just be missionaries! Share! One of my favorite personal quotes is  AMELO, VIVALO, Y COMPARTALO!  LOVE IT, LIVE IT, & SHARE IT! As Elder Uchtdorf taught that we have the light! The light of Christ and of God is real! We need to realize that! We have it! We need to wake up and say the same as Bruce D Porter, Oh what a Beautiful Day! And then LOVE IT, LIVE IT, & SHAREIT!

I love this gospel! I am enjoying every minute of being able to share it with these great people of Ecuador and am so excited to share it with all of you and with all of our brothers and sisters until the end! I testify that this is the work of the Lord! I testify that Christ lives! That he loves us so so much! Not only is he willing to do miracles for us if we have faith but he was willing to die for us to make it all possible! I love you all so much!

Elder Jacobsen

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