Monday, August 19, 2013

Lots of Changes in the Zone

HELLO HELLO HELLO! Well it's already almost 5 which means time to get dressed back into the work clothes and GET TO WORK! I love this work! I love every moment that the Lord is giving to me in the work. It is life changing! And have I mentioned that I love it? haha. Well, not much time as usual.  This zone requires a bit of informes and other stuff so my emails are very limited but it's all good. Its all worth it and I know I'll have plenty of time to talk to all of you later. Well I might mention that WE HAD CHANGES IN THE ZONE! I've been abandoned. hahaha just kidding. But My compion was changed.  Elder Munoz was excellent and has taught me a TON! A great friend. In addition 3 of the 4 district leaders were also changed! So it will be a fun challenge to welcome the new Elders and get to work. I'm sure they'll be great! My companion is Elder BURGA but not the same Elder Burga. My companion now was born in Otavalo but has lived all of his life in Chile so he just says he's from Chile. He seems like a great elder. I met him in the last meeting we had with president and I'm excited to work with him! Elder Christiansen is gone. It was so great to have some time again with him. The elder that replaced him is from Mexico! Wahooo! Fiesta! haha kiding. Anyway, 

I'M GETTING WAY SCARED! The mission is going by way too fast! TIME IS FLYING! Because they just made me realize that I am the oldest in the whole zone! (Have the most time in the mission). I haven't even realized it because I have always felt sooo young and then ya. I realize that I can not take any moment unseriously! Every second is a gift and a blessing! Who ever said this is a sacrifice I'm sorry but I would have to say your mistaken. And not in a harsh way. But I promise and testify that this is nothing less than a great blessing! 

Well, love you all so much! Think most of you are back in school! Work hard! Enjoy life! HAve fun! Be good! And just be happy! 
Elder Jacobsen 

Funny story with the pic! So we were at a house visiting a great family and then they randomly pass me the little pouch and say we found this and have no idea what it says and we need you to translate it. I was like ya, no problem. Let me see it. And they passed it to me and I just started crackin up laughing and then they started laughing and didn't even know why. And then they asked me again. And I was like, this is gonna be fun to explain. hahah. Anyway, I explained it and everyone was like ewwww hahahaha. Funny moment for me. 

Anyway, the other picture are of the new elders in our house! My comp is the one in the dark shirt! 

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