Monday, August 26, 2013

Life is Good

Hola Familia y Amigos! Que tal! Como estan?Bueno, life is good! As always. I love the idea that life can be good in any situation and at any time. Even in times of trial, need, hardship. Well, I cant express enough how much I love this amazing gospel and this mission. Hey is it just a rumor or is it true that they're thinking about extending the young men to 3 year missions? I would love that!  

Anyway, this week we had some  great baptisms. 2 youth that have been preparing for the past couple weeks. Tatiana and Marco. Two siblings that live practically alone. Their dad works at 3 in the morning till like 8 at night. We're trying to teach him but we never get a chance. But they are great kids and its funny because all they want to know is how they can become missionaries.  It's great! 

Man this  work just makes me so happy! Just  poco a poco seeing peoples lives change! Having more hope and faith! When you see someone that always wondered and doubted become a BELIEVER its the best! Because that's what we are -- believers! And I have the opportunity to testify what Ibelieve! I want us all to become believers and even to the point of Knowers because  through testimony we can know these things are true! Through the love of God, the miracles of God, and through this perfect gospel. I read a quote that I love that says "If this is Gods work, and he still lives, then the miracles and angels are still there."   I love that! If we truly believe that there is a father in heaven and that Christ lives then we must believe in him and his teachings. And he teaches us that miracles are real! I know that Christ lives! I know that we literally have a loving father in heaven that loves EACH one of us and wants us to grow close to him! We are his children and he wants us back! We must trust in him and just be happy to have a loving father and brother and summit ourselves to their will! That is true happiness! 

WEll I love you all so much! Its time to go! Be strong! Pray and talk to you father in heaven! He's there! Trust me!!!! Till next time! 

Elder Jacobsen 

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