Monday, September 2, 2013

Be Happy

Hello Hello! Well not much time at all but things are going great here in Ecuador! 

We have people to teach! We have been searcching for all the familys and people that are inactive and we have found some and what we are doing is reactivating them and teaching any children that they have. So its like a 2 for 1! Its sweet! We are teaching Sofia, Familia Reina Vera, Alejandro, y Jeremi. They are all progressing and have goals to be baptized in the next couple weeks. But we still have a lot to teach and a lot to do to really get the families excited agian to start fresh and really find the realationship with their Father in Heaven again. 

It is great! So im honestly finding myself happier than ever! I honestly dont think I have ever been so happy in general. Yes, I have had great and very happy moments in my life but I guess what im trying to say is that I am just happy. And I love it because I am finally starting to see that it is not nessicary to have a problem, challenge, or trial free life to be happy. We have trials and challenges and tough moments every single day but yet one can just be happy with a smile... Being happy does NOT mean without struggles. Those are what help us grow and progress! Its great! 

Well, thanks for all your prayers and support! Worrking hard! Talk to you soon! 

Elder Jacobsen 

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