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October 14, 2013 News

A los tiempos! Well, you'll have to forgive me! I think its been a couple weeks. Just lots of work to be doing here in the Lord's work! Well, with the short time I have I first off want to share a small part of the testimony of my heart. My dear family and friends, I believe with ALL my heart, with all there is within me that Christ is our Lord and Savior and that God the creator is our loving father in heaven! I believe that they with the spirit are a perfect Godhead of all things. And a Godhead of love! I believe with all my heart that we have a divine purpose here on earth! Yes, TO BE HAPPY and truely make the best of life BUT in the PATH OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! That is TRUE HAPPINESS! That is true peace and hope! I know with all my heart that the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what brings and offers more happiness and help and comfort than anything else in this entire earth! Why is that? Becasue it is divine! Dad helped me understand that and I am forever grateful. Just think about it. Yes there are MANY (millions even billions) that can be happy and experience much joy and happiness throughout there lives. Why is that? At first that really made it hard for me to understand. Why are there so many people that don't have the gospel but yet can be happy, can overcome challenges, etc....? How can that be if there's supposivly only one true way. But the answer is simple. God the Father and his Son love ALL of his children. Even the lost, the unbelievers, the believers to a certian point, even the wicked and those natural men that are enemies. Though he knows not all will be able to come completely back due to agency and many circumstances do to the perfect plan, he wants all to be able to feel his love! The light of Christ is for everyone! Even those that don't believe! Where does their light and happiness come from? From the atonement and love of Christ! Why can other religions also be convinced that they are in the truth? Because they DO have parts of truth! Prayer, faith, obedience, righteousness, etc... are many  principles throughout the world and God isn't going to take away their opportunity to feel the divinity of those principles of the Gospel just because they haven't found ALL of it. He wants them to have as much happiness as they can. The difference is, we have the FULLNESS of the Gospel! The service, the unity, the truths, and happiness is literally like NOTHING ELSE in this entire world! And as my father simply and beautifully explained it. IT IS DIVINE! And, I am now starting to understand the HUGE importance and responsibility that we have to SHARE it! God is depending on us! He gave us so much whether through pre-existence affairs or agency here on earth it has come to us and yes part of the PLAN and the DEAL is to share it! There are billions still that don't have it! They need it! Their ancestors need it and their future generations need it. Our brothers and sisters! I have much to learn and much more faith and knowledge to acquire. But from the depth of my heart, I am certain that this is The fullness of the Gospel. The work of our God. The work of the only God. The plan of all plans. The immortality and eternal life of man! I pray that we may all study, learn, apply, and increase our testimonies and faith of this GREAT CAUSE! I love you all so much! Work hard, and know that Elder Jacobsen loves and misses you! Hasta entonces!
Elder Jacobsen! 
P.S. Ive been asked for stories. Real quick I'll tell a story of this week. So coming home from a Leadership Meeting in Guayaquil I wasnt feeling too well on the bus. (3-4 hour bus ride) and I realized I was going to throw up (had only thrown up 1 time in the misison) and I told an elder next to me and as I was opening the window he tapped me and said no use this (a bag) and toss it out after. I asked if it had holes because I couldn't see because it was completely dark in the bus and outside. He innocently replied no, its all good. Well, long story short. It definatly had holes in the bag! hhaha! Aww man, my poor pants and shoes. And the poor people in the bus that had to wonder what that horrible smell was for the last hour and a half in the bus! But the funniest part is that the police pulled over the bus to do an inspeccion. And they had flashlights looking under the seats and what not. We had moved more to the back. The vomit was more towards the middle. And we all watched as one of the men looked under the seat were I had thrown up and when he looked up his face was struck and he looked to the others and said to the others and said no hay nada aqui (theres nothing here) and they left. We all laughed! 
Well that's it! Love you! 

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