Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Buenas Tardes!!! Como están por allá!?! Well, time is just flying!!!! It seems like just a little bit ago it was New years and Christmas. This is crazy! Well, I'm going to keep this short! So were really needing to find some new people to teach. Please include in your prayers that we can find families and that they can have desires to keep commitments! And preferably with married parents! haha. So, were in the rainy seasons here but I think we might be getting a lot wetter here in the next month! Well, what else! haha. OH ya, we ate BOFE (If thats correct) this week. I understand that its the pulmones of the cow! Which are lungs right! haha. Let it keep on commin! So, I hope you're all praying sincerly! Honestly I think one of the most comforting things that we have in this life is the ability to just pray and truly express ourselves to our Father in Heaven!  I invite you to try imagining that your are REALLY talking to him! Do your best to really make a connection and imagine him there listening, smiling, or whatever... It's somthing special! Your Father in Heaven is there! Talk to him!  Well, I honestly believe with all my heart that this is the work of the Lord. I know I will never be the perfect missionary but I want to strive to finish the best I can!!! Well I love you all so much! 
Elder Jacobsen 

Pregunta. When they say its super super cold in the states does that include all the states? 

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