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November 25, 2013 News

Well hello hello! So times flying here in Ecuador. WAY to fast which is a good and bad thing. Haha, I'm not going to lie. Pero bueno, This week was a good week and yes I have a couple things to tell. But as usual the time flies so I'm going to be keeping my emails nice, short and sweet. Hope thats ok. So this week we had a conference en Babaoyo with Presidente Amaya la hermana Amaya y el ELder Mestre (From the seventy, I'm pretty sure from Venezuela) which was an absolutely excellent meeting. I loved it! He taught in just a very exciting, spiritual, motivating, understanding manner. I was touched in many ways and am even more boosted to just keep getting better and improving and trying to be the missionary I want to be. The missionary God wants me to be. He said something like this. The missionary you are now is the kind of person you will be in 10 years. I loved that and  it helped me realize even more that there's no time for slacking or saying tal vez or maybe later or that's not that important. Its just not even worth it! So yes, as I was excited and motivated a while ago to really be the best missionary I can be, I'm even more now. I want to give my all. Its hard at times. I won't lie. Being obedient at times is really hard. Sometimes it really hurts. That sounds funny. But true obedience with all your heart is WORTH IT! I can literally see God trusting me more as his son and using me way more as an instrument in his hands. Its amazing and I want to keep trying to make it better. I love my Father in Heaven. I know he has given me SOOOOOO much. WAY more than I could have posibly deserved and will ever deserve. I am in debt. I'm pretty sure we all are to some degree. But I feel like im the luckiest in my own special way. haha. Just so much patience, love, miracles, forgivness, etc... It's incomprehensible. I honestly don't understand it and sometimes its hard to believe. But the great thing is, I DO BELIEVE! And it brings so much HOPE and HAPPINESS. And all said and done, it all comes from the ATONEMENT of Jesus Christ! I can say that when I truly have faith in the atonement I am a much happier person. When I don't, its not very fun! I have a lot to learn about the atonement and to understand and to apply. But I do know that its something very special and I am so grateful for that! Well, this is a lot longer than it was going to be. Oh, I dont know if I mentioned, Elder Suarez was changed. That was not a fun change. He was honestly a great companion! Teaching and helping me a ton! But now I have the privilege to be with Elder Rubio. He's from Quito. And its his first time as ZL which is really helping me because I'm able to strive even more to be a better example and push to keep the wave of the work of salvacion rolling! It's time for this baby to getta rollin to the point where its the most popular wave known and everyones surfin and boogie boarding along with it enjoying the joy of this work! Love you all so much! Cuidanse! 
Elder Jacobsen 

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