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October 21, 2013 News from Milagro

Hello Hello!
So I have no time because I've been traveling all day!! Yes los cambios were today and Yes I have been transfered from Quevedo. Wow, I loved Quevedo and my months there. I will definitely miss it a ton! The lugar, the people, the members, the pres de estaca, el obispo, los jovenes misionaries de barrio, my converts and just ya... It was a great zone! Anyway, we received the call last night at 1 AM with the changes and I was included. We travelded all morning to Guayaquil and there I was presented to my new Comp. Elder Suarez! De Colombia! Wahooo! Los Colombianos me caen super bien! so ya, and had already heard good things about him. It's funny because we have had a couple of the same companions. Elder Barragan who I trained and Elder Da Silva. But ya we got to know each other a bit in our bus ride to MILAGRO which is my new zone. Milagro 1. From what I heard we are 14. So I'll let you know who's here and where there from next time. Oh I might mention that this Zone was part of the old Guayaquil SOUTH mission. But its now newly ares. I'm excited to learn more and really try to progress in this new zone. Well, thats whats going on here. Oh, i dont know if i told you, I was waiting to tell you but I got bit for the first time in my mission a week ago. Thats a story I'll have to tell when there's time. Which might be after the misison. haha. I love and miss you all so much! I love this misison. It truely is a blessing to be able to start to really understand and develop a true perspective of life! 
Con amor,
ELder Jacobsen 

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