Monday, August 12, 2013


Please dont get mad at me but I'm with no time at all this week! Just busy busy busy. haha. I hope you are all doing great! Has school started again? Well I'm sure everyones doing great! I love you all so much! 
Ok ok, a quick funny story before I go. So we have one great investigator that we are teaching. His name is Abraham and is like 75 years and is so so nice. We met him this week and he just wants to hear everything we have to say. We haven't found any big challenges with him yet so we're excited to teach him. Anyway, he came to church and I was sitting next to him and we were in the sacrament and he was just looking around and when the bread came around the young boy raised up the tray and Abraham put coins thinking they were asking for money and then said out loud "por que hay pan en esta cosa, que pasa¨ or in other words why in the world is there bread? It was so funny. I quickly grabbed his hand and money and started to explain quitley to him and he doesn't hear very well and was talking really loud. It was a little  irreverent but it is not his fault at all. It was funny and we will be teaching him about the sacrament tomorrow. haha. 
Well I love this work! Keep working hard! Keep smiling!
Elder J. 

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