Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Good Week

Aloooooooohaaaaaa!!! Haha. Well this week was sweet! Yesterday we participated in a Devotional Musical Misional. It was something fun and different than the usual. In our zone there are 2 sisters from from Hawaii (one se llama hermana Te`o and I think her brother plays the San Diego Chargers. Sweet! Check that out to see if its legit). and an Elder from Samoa, and gringos y Latinos. So different cultures. It's a fun zone! Anyway! Lifes good! I love the mision! I love getting to know people and being able to carry and share the gospel. Its great! Well I love you all so much! I hope you know that! And I hope that those of you that have the Gospel appreciate it and SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE! Every time you walk into the door of a friend's house that's not a member or at school just remember that you have precious knowledge that can CHANGE LIVES AND FAMILIES! Are you kidding me! so SHARE IT! Dont be selfish!!!! Share it share it share it! And if you're reading or hearing this and are not a member or don't know much obout the Gospel of Jesus Christ, READ AND LISTEN! I PROMISE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART THAT YOU WON'T REGRET IT! We're talking about happiness, hope, knowledge, salvation, eternal families and marriages! Be happy! Choose the Good Shepherd always! Trust me, he knows where the sweeter grass is at! And even if there's what seems to be good grass away from the Good shepherd, be careful because that snake might be right there and ready to bite! Lets be careful and enjoy the sweet and joy filled grass that the gospel has to offer us! 
Elder Jacobsen 

The pic is of some members, some of the missionaries and the little girl I had the opportunity to baptize the last Saturday! wahoo!!!! (and the little boy is her younger brother). The devotional was packed! A great turn out! Well, please keep in your prayers Jarot, Jorsh, Angelo, Eddy, Alejandro, Leonardo, Leonardo, Jose David, Diana, Steven, and everyone else! Thanks!  file://localhost/Users/cathy/Desktop/DSC00003.JPG

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