Sunday, April 27, 2014

It Doesn't Matter Where we Serve, its How we Serve!

HEYYYYYYYYYYY! Oh wow time is just flyingggggggggg!!! So much to do!!!  This week has been good! And yesterday was awesome! We had a conference but it was directed towards Ecuador through satelite. Elder Nash, a Sister, Elder Holland, y Elder Scott spoke! It was awesome!!! Felt the spirit so strong! Wow, really doesn't matter where we are or what languange. This gospel is true! So something that I liked and I'm going to try to say it in english. It isn't where we serve its how we serve. Obviously there's inspiration in where we are called to serve but for those waiting for a call or will some day or those that have already recieived a misison call I think its important to know that the HOW we serve is much more important than WHERE we serve! Someone can be called to a misison with lots of people receptive to the gospel but if they dont work, then what! How do we serve? And this applies to more than just missions. Primary teacher, Bishop, Stake presidency, or whatever calling it may be.  It's all about HOW we serve! Whether at Chaparral High or TVHS or Great Oak or Margarita Middle School or Vintage Hills or whatever school it may be. It's about HOW you help others, HOW you give an example, HOW you speak to others, etc... Whether that Job or another Job its not so much about where! Its about HOW! So lets all remember whether as full time missionaries, as teamates, schoolmates, siblings, cousins, friends, or just sons and daughters of God... the importance of HOW. And lets make that HOW be joyful, happy, inspiring, full of smiles, optimistic, and pleasing before God. I promise that if we strive to do whats right we will be blessed! I love you all so much! Take care! 

Elder Jacobsen 

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