Sunday, April 27, 2014


Does anyone know what Patacones are? They are tasty!!! I hope that i can eat some patacones in the States! Well, hows everyone doing! I miss and love you all! Well, lots of work to do here in Ecuador! I hope that you can all pray for Dolores y Alfredo so that they can get married! They have 3 kids! Kelly (their daughter) already was baptized. But I want the parents to also be baptized! 
Well, I want to talk a tiny bit about the importance of giving a good example. I realize that giving a good example is really important and sometimes we might not even recognize that we are giving examples all the time. But is the example were giving bad, so so, good, better, or best? Or maybe we're doing something that's not bad but not a good example. I realize that we as missionaries have to be careful about that! I can look back at things I've done and then after I'm something like ¿WHY? I need to give a better example! And the best example! I'm a misionary! But not just missionaries! We should all always try to give the best example I know were not perfect! We all mess up! But we need to learn and think of how we can give a better example and really help others have an example of the right. I might sound like im going in circles. But i just want you and me to be better examples! And be the best example that we can be! Whether in school, work, sports, family, in public, or whatever it may be! Just remember how important your example is! As our savior gives us a perfect example he wants us to do our best to give good examples as well. Lets ponder on what we need to change, improve on, or even apologize for and stand as righteous examples. 

Elder Jacobsen 

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