Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Well this week was an all around good week! Buenísimo! Well first off last P-Day was like the first actual P-Day. We got to go into the city with permission because Elder Wittee had to get some things and we stopped by for a little bit at the Parque de iguanas! It was sweet! I definitely want to return and tour parts of the city throughout the mission. It’s really sweet there. So two crazy things this week. First isn’t too crazy it’s just the fact that we don’t have a bathroom now. Well really just the toilet. It’s completely broke so we get to use the patriarcas outhouse down below which is just the nicest cleanest bathroom I’ve used. (that is sarcasm) haha... I’ll have to send pics of it next week or so. But lets just say goin the bathroom is now an adventure. haha. The craziest thing happened when we were running late to get back to the casa. We have to be back at 9 and 9:30 for the time limit. But we had a really great lesson and we didn’t end up leaving until like 9:25.  But the casa was like a 10 min walk and another 5 in the bus. So we decided to run the walking part. Don’t think it was a good idea. Apparently you don’t run here is what I learned. Next think I know every dog in Ecuador is going nuts barking like crazy and even started chasing us. At first it was crazy and kinda fun until this huge black nasty messed up lookin dog came at us and literally was taking bites at us. I wont lie, I was straight up scared and then I realized Elder Wittee started to run faster and I knew he was fast because he always tells me how he was the fastest in his region in Brazil and stories asi. So it hit me that this would be a race to see who doesn’t get bit. hahaha. And I was not going to get bit!!! haha.. Well I wont lie I felt a little bad passin Wittee because it was like me saying "you get bit" haha. But through the goodness of God, a big hill came and we both booked it up and the dogs stopped. We both just started laughing and trying to catch our breaths. I wont lie, it was fun and nice to feel some adreniline that I havn’t felt for a while. haha. Well, that was the story of the week. I can tell you that what I just said doesn’t give it justice but oh well. haha. It was a experience that I wont forget. But the best part of the whole week is we had a baptism for KEVIN! The son of familia Moran who was my first lesson in Ecuador Monte Sinai! The parents can’t get baptized because they aren’t married and have to take care of divorces from the past but they are all going to church and its just great! So happy! And thank you so much for your prayers! I know and promise each and everyone of you that they are helping so so much! Thank you so much and please don’t stop! Well, I hope everything is going great great great back in the good old states! I love and miss you all so much! 
Working hard,
Elder Jacobsen  

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