Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Dedication

Hello, hello!! What is going on in the states? Everyone is coming up to me and saying what’s going on in your country? And I’m like what?   They tell me there are really bad storms going on. I hope everyone is safe and sound! You all better stay safe and be smart! Well this week was a little slower all the way up to the weekend and the weekend made it an awesome week. Why?  Because we had a conference with both north and south mission with Elder Pino of the sesenta and Elder D Todd Christofferson!!!! It was great! First off, we got to see everyone in the misison and a few minutes to say hi. It was so good to see my buds from the MTC and the group I arrived with and see that they’re doing good and just talk with them about things and how-what we need to do to survive. hahajk. But it was good. Well, the conference was absolutely amazing. First off we all got to shake Elder Christofferson’s hand and talk to him which was one of the coolest most comforting-scary moments of my life. Don’t know how to explain it but it was amazing. I can promise you he is called by God.  The spirit I felt I can’t deny. The conference was awesome. It was so weird being all in spanish. But I was so happy for all the latinos because it was all their first time hearing an apostle and it not being translated. It was a very special moment! Man, if only we had this like every month or every change the mission would be a breeze. haha. So things are pretty good here. We’re without electricity again so that’s a little bummer but I hope it doesn’t last to long. Oh well, more fun camping. And I can’t complain I heard Brother Morgan did bowl baths for months and I’m sure lots of other great men in the church that I know. Thank you so much for your examples. Well, the mission is always filled with surprises and I was definitely surprised yesterday. Lets just say I never thought I would ever have to dedicate a house until I have my first house. I was wrong. A nice hermana in the ward came up to me and asked if I would come dedicate her house. Again I was shocked and had no idea how to do it or thought I could do it. But as always the Lord helped me and we had a beautiful little experience in a beautiful house of caña and dirt. The spirit is real. And I want to do everything I can to have to spirit with me more. Nothing is possible without it and our father in heaven. I love this gospel and know it is true. I love all of you. I love and miss you so much! Take care! 
Elder Jacobsen

Oh, the pictures are pretty simple. As usual no time. But I got some through. I think one is of our sweet little home made baptismal font and the other of a great little family in the ward that feeds us lunch on Mondays. 

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