Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well today completes my 2nd change in the field or better said my first 12 weeks of training what they call 12 semanas. I finished my training and your not going to believe it and I still don’t believe it but we got a call late last night that Elder Wittee se va (goes) and I’m going to train! Say what! Well I will say that it was actually tough to say goodbye to Elder Witte this morning. I have had a great training with him, learned at ton, and really developed a strong friendship with him. I’m gonna miss him and know he will do great things! We found out that his parents are going to send him and his brother after the mission to study english in the states and after go to BYU so I’ll get to see him! That made me so happy! But right now I’m still out of my mind that they are calling me to train. I still barley know the language haha. This is crazy! But who the lord calls he qualifies right? When you train someone here in the mission they are nicknamed your hijo. Your son. So grandma and grandpa this Wednesday your going to have your first grandchild. haha. just kiddin. But ya they arrive this Wednesday and we pick them up so I don’t know who my next companion is yet. Right now they have me and Elder Maddock (the only other gringo in the zone and has the same time as me) together in Monte Sinai for a couple days. I honestly don’t know what they’re thinking having two gringos. Its gonna be an adventure. hahaha. But I’m excited to train and nervous. I really want to as they would say raise a good son! haha. But I have promised myself that I will never be a trainer that the new missionary comes and has to correct and tell him not to be lazy or to wake up and what not! Well we had a fun baptism last night with Brian and today I think familia Jara is going to get married which means they can get babtized! I’m so so excited and just praying that it all works out because they’ve gone 2 times now and each time had a problem. Well, I love this work and know its true! People have asked to send some pics of some of my living conditions. So I tried to attach a few pictures. They don’t give justice. And the humbling part is my living conditions are a 100x better than the majority in my sector. This is a humbling experience. Oh and one last thing! Jake, Miles, and Nate! I know you guys are all about to leave in the next weeks-months or so! I love and am so proud of you guys! I hope we can some how keep updated but if not! DO WORK and remember ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! Something that I am finally beginning to understand is attitude truly is everything. Well I’ll see you guys in a couple! And everyone else back home! I love you all so so so much! Just live every second of life up! 
Elder Jacobsen 

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