Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My dear family and friends , i hope all is just great and i hope your Sunday yesterday was as amazing as mine. Nothing to crazy this week but it was a solid week. Yesterday was the best! So we had a baptism for a young man named Jordan. But it wasn't just a normal baptism, it was a milagro (miracle). So we baptized his younger brother Bryan a few weeks ago and it was great but Jordan just straight up was like no no no, I will never get baptized and he was just hard as a rock. Anyway we still felt there was something there, so we kept teaching and leaving commitments to Jordan and the family. Anyway, the mom (who was baptized a long time ago but has been inactive forever) came up to us and pretty much said your not going to believe this but Jordan is reading, he has stopped stealing, and he ha stopped drinking coffee. I was just like YES! Long story short, Jordan had a huge change of heart and was baptized yesterday. But the best part was after in the middle of the service when Hermana Chavez (mom) stood up and asked if she could just talk. She ended up just bearing her testimony about the church and even about the missionaries. She said she never thought anything could change her son or the problems her family had but that she knows this gospel is true because it has and she has never been happier. Her and Jordan were crying and others began to cry as well and the moment just hit me strong. Just pure joy. (The joy took a pause when she tried to kiss me but then we continued as all one happy family. Haha) But the Pure Joy and light of Christ was amazing! Its moments like these that make it all worth it and let me know that in the Lords hands he is helping and allowing me to share this wonderful Gospel! This gospel and these moments are what take all the tough and down times and just make them nothing. I love what I have the privilege to do, and I testify that this is the work of the Lord. And that there is no limit to the power of our father in heaven and the infinite love of his son, our savior, Jesus Christ. Ive learned that there will be people that will be hard as a rock but each and every one have that little spot of light. I invite all of you to never give up on friends or family. I promise it is possible and all worth it! I love and miss you all so much!

Con Amor,

Elder Jacobsen


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