Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hola a todos! Como estan! Well I hope everyone is doing great! From what i hear everyone is just great! Well i dont have much time to write but things are going good here! First off, Andres (the oldest son of Mariuxi (the first person I baptized)) was baptized Saturday! It was awesome! Now the whole family are members and are all assisting. I was really worried about Mariuxi at first because she has had some struggles that i wont talk about but now i am so happy because she has been faithful and is bringing here children church every week and pushing through all of the obstacles of the adversary. Pray for her please. She needs help! Well, i hope the pictures we went through but one of them should be a pic of a couple kids up on this mountain.

So our sector is somewhat of a valley and there are some houses that are way high up with no paths or anything but one day me and elder Barragan had some time to contact are were thinking about where and it was so cool because at the same time we looked at this mountain and pointed at a couple houses that were up there so we hiked up which was enough exercise for a week haha and nobody was in the first couple houses and we were way bummed until the last house in this little clump we found a little family that were way nice! And the kids have never seen a white person ever or a camera! haha! It was nuts! But they are so nice and guess what! The parents are married!!!! Wahoooo! haha! So lesson learned, whenever there is a mountain or some place that doesn't look worth it or looks to hard or whatever! DO IT! Thats my advice to all missionaries out there! You never know! Now we just got to figure out how to get them to the church! Well i have no time. Sorry.But things are going well and i really want to express  my love and appreciation for all of you! Thank you for the mail and words of encouragement and just all your love! I really have realized that its not just me out here. Its me and all of you! Were all in this obra misional (missionary work) together! And more than anything we have the Lord on our side! He is with is too! Gotta love it! I love and miss you all!
Elder Jacobsen

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