Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dont Want to Go

Bueno! Como están mi queridos amigos y familia! How are you all! 

So everyone is asking me about New York and the east coast and I am like i have know idea you guys watch the news i dont. But they have told me whats going on and i pray and hope that everyone is ok! This is gonna sound horrible but thank goodness its the east and not the west! But everyone wherever you are please take care and be safe. Oh and hows Mitt doing. I know the elections are sometime this week i think. Let me know what happens! All the members here want Mitt! Its pretty funny! Speaking of presidents, I dont know much about the president here but from what I hear he is doing a good job. He is actually trying to help this country. And he has started with schools. He is building tons! And its all free for the students! And he is trying to build pavement roads! Hes really helping progression. It will be really cool to see the changes over the next couple years. 

Well this week has been great! Yo y mi compañero estamos llevándonos muy bien! It means were doing good together. Hes really progressed a ton and is starting to get into it! Its great! He is working hard and accepting the changes and the rules a lot lot more than in the beginning! I am so happy! Today finished the change but looks like we good another change together!(6weeks). They call Sunday nights to tell you if your gonna change and they didnt call! I couldnt sleep well because i was way scared they were gonna call. I really really dont want to leave.  Things are going well between me and elder Barragan but honestly more than anything i love this place. I love the people here! I honesty will miss them all so much and i only have probably 6 weeks left with them. Ill be leaving them right before xmas which is gonna kill me! Im so tempted to ask president to stay! Haha. 

Well things are going well here! We are really working with this family that the wife is a member but the husband is not and the husband is as hard as a rock! He scares the heck out of me. I dont know why but he always says the same thing that nothing has touched him and he wont change until he is touched. They have a son Daniel who is just awesome! Were asked the dad if Daniel believes and wants to follow the example of Jesucristo if he would give permission. He said yes but only if Daniel wants to.Well, Daniel is crazy excited for his baptism and is already asking us about the misión and when he can go! Haha. Were gonna take him to appointments after his baptism. But please pray for him that everything goes well this week. 

Well we put together this activity with our mission leaders of the wards and at first i was a little worried that no one would show up but it was awesome. Tons of people showed up and the Bishop said it was the most successful activity the wards had in a long time! It was great and had a principle behind it that the people love. No time to explain it but it went well and ill try to attach a picture. 

Well, i love this gospel and i love the happiness it brings everyone! I love the people here and their faith that they have! They truly are examples to me. I hope everyone is great! I love and miss you so much! Les Quiero mucho!!! 

Elder Jacobsen

P.s. The other two photos are of one of my favorite person that I've gotten to know. Patriaca. He and his wife live below us and are like are grandparents. They always try to give us snacks and just take care of us. He made personally a Ecuador colored hammock for me and also typed me up on this little type write a nice long note that i still have to translate. haha, i dont understand much of him but i feel his love! He says since ive been here longer than other elder he feels like im a son to him! I was like wo but im honored. So nice! Anyway the pics are in his little hideout were he always writes and studies.! 

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