Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Instrument in the Lords hands

Como están a todos! How are you all doing! I hope your all doing great. Well what to say here in Monte Sinai… Things are going well… The work is good. Its tough, joyful, and all worth it! But wow the time is honestly going by fast. I dont know what it is but time is going a lot faster now. I fell like it was only a few days ago I was writing. So im way excited because weve been working with the familia Jara who I have been working with for months and we decided thats it is best that Michael the son gets baptized. The parents are still having troubles getting married but im just so happy that they´re trying and that Michael will take the first step. I hope and pray that some day i will get word that the family are all preparing to go to the temple. That would make the whole misión worth it! Haha. So theres a family that I would like you to put in your prayers if you wouldnt mind. A sister named Fanny and her kids arnt members but are interested. The dad was a member but left and is now a drunk and Fanny doesnt want to join the church if it didnt change her husband. We just need to explain to her that the members arnt perfect but the church of Jesus Christ IS. But I feel like we can get to her and it will change her life and her husbands. So yesterday i had a neat experience. I was asked to give a talk with like no notice and of course i said yes but i was a little nervous because the people here love hearing a gringo talk and love laughing when he messes up or just the wierd accent we have, but i really wanted the people to get somthing out of my talk. I knew my spanish isnt even close to where i want it to be but the coolest thing happened when i said a prayer before i went up to talk, i just felt peace. Then i went up there and at first i was thinking about every word before talking and really trying to say each word right but then the next thing i know i was just talking and saying what i wanted to say. I know that God was using me as a instrument in his hands because it wasnt me talking. I dont even remember all that i said but what i do remember is having a momento to just look into the congregation and see that there wasnt one person laughing or not paying attention. Everyone was really listening. And then when i sat back down with my companion he said in spanish when did you prepare that? Good job. And i thought to myself that i really didnt prepare any of it. I have been thinking about what happened and it has really strengthened my testimony that we can do God's will and if we permit the spirit of the Lord to guide us we can literally be instuments of the Lord to spread and share this great Gospel. I know that Joseph Smith with a 14 yr old education is probably close to my spanish or even better but through the Lord i am permitted to bear testimony in another language and he is able to translate a book that no man can write or translate. I know Christ lives and that he and our father and heaven our with is. I love this Gospel! I love and miss you  all! Cuidense! 
Elder Jacobsen

Oh and I attached a couple pics. If anyone was wondering how I am doing with drinking because the waters not safe here, well here is your answer. Ecuador knows whats up and has my favorite drink ever! Gatorade! Wahoo! 

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