Tuesday, November 27, 2012

English Fun

How is everyone doing! So theyre having power problems here so i hope i can write up a little message before it goes out. It is going in and out! Ha. Well i hope everyone is doing great! This week was a pretty good week. Nothing crazy happened but we had a great baptism for Daniel! He is doing great and were going to try to have him go on some visitas with us to get him excited about the church and everything. His dad went to the baptism which was great! He didnt say anything but I feel like some day he will have a change of heart! Well, I wont say much today but I guess I will give you a little update on the spanish. Its improving. Regarding the Gospel, im starting to understand the magority and im getting a little more outside. Im getting to the point were I can pretty much say what I want to which is fun. Its definitly not pretty and all smooth but it gets through. I love joking with the kids or even adults here. When they ask me where I am from I say Choni, which is a pueblo up north that I guess has white people. Some of them believe me and just say I talk funny. Then I ask them if they can teach me English and they try teaching me what they know but half the time its not correct and so I say are you sure its not this or that and they say no! You have to study English and I just laugh because they think im crazy! Then I just bolt out a sentence in English and they are shocked and are like what was that. And I say another language so they dont feel bad that they don't understand English. Its way fun messing with the two langauges and just playing with them and they get a kick out of it. There are some real fun peope here. Well, no time but I am learning a lot from these people and love them more and more. I have so so so much to learn that I know i will never be able to learn. It is a never ending game of aprendiendo y mejorando en esta vida! Got to love it! I love you all so much! CuĂ­dense!
Elder Jacobsen 

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