Monday, October 8, 2012


How are my amazing family and friends? Espero que todos estan buenisimos! So how did you all like the conference? I thought it was great! Didn’t understand all of it because we had to watch it in Spanish but it was still great and the spirit was way strong! And holy cow! Some huge news huh! Everyone went nuts! Especially the missionaries! No one knew what to think with the news of the new age to serve a mission! It’s awesome! I’m just so curious to see how fast this great work just boosts up! Well this week has been good. A lot better! Elder Barragan is adjusting slowly but surley! And I’m finally beginning to understand him a little better.  Well actually I think it’s the opposite and he’s just beginning to understand that he can’t talk so fast and has to talk cleaner Spanish and not every other word slang! Haha. Well, I guess I’ll share a crazy experience that was a little interesting. So were walking down the street to go back to the casa and up ahead we hear a bunch of arguing and shouting and what not. As we get closer we finally see what’s going on. So here tons of the houses of cana (bamboo wood stuff) are raised a good 8 to 12 feet off the ground for when it rains and floods here. And some of them have made themselves a little balcony. So there’s a group that’s arguing like crazy and we just stop for a second and next thing we know a guy goes braking through the bamboo fence off the balcony and then everyone goes nuts and throwing each other around and within like 10 sec they all stop and someone points at us and they all go silent and then they shouted something and some of the guys started yelling and going down the ladder and we realized they were coming for us. Well, I don’t know what they wanted because I sure didn’t stay around to find out. We booked it out of there as fast as we could and now we don’t use that calle. Haha. So ya, that was one of the adventures of this week. The spiritual side was sweet this week and we had an awesome baptismal experience! So were contacting and then a member comes out of her house and tells us to come! We go and she introduces us to her family’s best friend Maria who is like 80 plus yrs. Anyway she lives way up north but wanted to take some discussions before she left on Friday. Anyway, of course we say yes and begin teaching and next thing we know she bears her testimony that she knows the church is true and wants to be baptized. Our jaws just dropped and we’re like sweet! Here’s a gift from God! Hahaha. Anyway she told us she was sad because she had to leave but wanted her friend the brother in our ward to baptize her. We talked to our leaders of Zona and they said to use our judgment. We taught her all the lessons in 2 days and had the interview on Thursday morning and baptism Thursday night! Hahahaha! It was great! That’s what I call God preparing the people. Because he truly does prepare these people. We just have to find them! I love this gospel and know its true! I love and miss all of you! Vayan con Dios!
Elder Jacobsen
Here are some pics! One of the baptism with Maria

Other of our zone because we completed our meta(goal) last month!
And the last is a shout out to the Rancho Ward Young Women! THANK YOU SO MUCH! IT REALLY MEANT SO MUCH! THANKS!

I’ll try to send some more pics next week! LOVE YOU ALL!

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