Monday, June 10, 2013

Attitude is Everything

Well this week has been a good solid week! Just working hard here in Duran Sur de Ecuador Guayaquil! Im just loving this work! So hows everyone doing in SUMMER TIME? Wow, I can't believe it's already summer again! I hope everyone is just enjoying it up! I was thinking the other day about the seasons and I realized I'm pretty much in a two year summer! haha. Its gettin hot! The rainy season is now gone and the SOL is comin out stronger and stronger! But please be safe and just know I love you all so much! 

Harold B Lee said, "There is only one day that you and I have to live for, and that's today!" And it's so true! We just got to make the best of every day! There's no reason to not make the best of each day! If you know that it might be a long hard day well then make it Great, hard, long day! As always, Attitude is Everything! Well we recently touched the heart of a man named Miguel who has a wife and children that have been listening to the missionaries for over 6 years and has liked to listen but has never wanted to commit to anything! Yesterday, the spirit of the lord touched him and he now has a goal to be baptized the 6th of July! It's a ways away but we got a lot of work to do and I think we can really help him complete his great goal! 

With God anything is possible! Keep him in your prayers please! I love this work! I love you! Adios! 

Elder Jacobsen 

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