Monday, June 24, 2013

New Suit

Wow! How fast this week flew by! I feel like yesterday i was here in this little cyber writing you guys! Hahaha! This is crazy! So hows everyone enjoying summer! Is it hot there yet? Well this week has been really good! Our Zone is really raising up the level of work here in Duran Sur. Its great! Me and my companion have been all over the place! We practically hardley are in our own sector! And when we are we have to take advantage of everyminute! We have some great Missionaries! But i feel so bad saying this but i was bummed when the sisters here were changed here this week and a gringa came! I Loved being the only gringo! haha, im so selfish! But its all good, im still the only white person! Because Sister Chill from Florida is Latin. And she speaks spanish really well so im just not going to count it and say im the only Gringo. hahahahjkjk. But really, it is an experience of a lifetime just being practically solo with so much culture so many countries. It is helping me learn and truely feel the joy that EVERYBODY is a child of God. That it doesnt matter where your at or what language you speak or whatever. We are all brothers and sisters and all with the same goal. To work togeather to be able to return back with as many as possible to our Loving father in heaven! I love that! So yesterday i had an awsome oppertunity to attend a worldwide conference with all the leaders and missionaries in the world! According to the apostles, it was a historical event and it sure was. One of the neatest conferences i have ever witnessed! Wow, what inspiration and excitment to be part of one of the greatest times in church and mission history! I love it! We are truley part of Gods Army! I love and miss you all so much! Gods speed! 

Elder Jacobsen 
P.S. I am stoked to announce that i got my first Ecuadorian Suit Done with some of my greatest amigos here. And yes, it is definitly my favorite suite. And yes, im a little crazy. haha. Viva Ecuador! 

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