Monday, June 17, 2013

Life is Fantastic

Welllll heellllooooo! Whats happenin mis amigos! Well i hope you are all doing great! Life is fantastic! How could it not be! We got the gospel, we got sun, we got life! Live it up! I have had the oppertunity to ponder a lot on whats going on in my life right now and i realized i should be the happiest guy in the world. And i think i am! We all are! Why? Because Our Father in Heaven loves us! He loves us so much! Well, The work is going good. Were still workin with Miguel. And we found a single mother who is passig through some really rough times and i know the best thing for her is the gospel. she attended church and felt really god. Keep them in your prayers please. Forgive me, i have a lot of this things i gotta do so i gotta keep the email short. And the majority of my emails are going to be getting shorter. But its all good. Im doing great! I love this work! I love life! And l love all you guys! Just smile! Thats all i ask. Doesnt matter what situation is going on. I promise you that the Lord understands because he felt the same and we can smile knowing that he will help us and loves us. The happiest life comes from being happy! Love ya! 

Elder Jacobsen 

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