Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Probably Staying in Guayaquil North Mission

Well hello hello! So I have no time as always but this week was great! I hope everything is going great with everyone back home! So to sum it we are working harder and harder and busier and busier with the time flying by faster and faster. Ok see you later. hahah just kidding. But really that's about it! This week we had a conference with all the leaders in the mission and I won't lie it was kind of intimidating especially when I was called up to talk and share my testimony with all of them. But it was a great conference, great learning experience, and lots of inspiration on how we can raise the bar in this great, great work! And it was sad because it is supposively the last conference with the whole Guayaquil North Mission together before they split it in July! So lots of good friends I have came to know and work with will be in the other mission. If you're wondering I am currently in the boundaries of the North Mission and will probably be here for a good few months. That's just my guess. Never know now days! Next thing I know they could be sending me to Argentina! haha. 

Well next month 30 more missionaries are coming and the majority are hermanas! This is crazy! haha. They say the mission will double by Christmas time! And it has been declared the greatest time of missionary work in the history of the church! I feel so lucky and proud to be a part of it! This work is just amazing and I don't have a single little doubt that this is all the work of God! He is with us! I get to see lives changed every day! There's nothing better! Well I love you all so much! 

Elder Jacobsen 

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