Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keep Sending Letters

Como estan mis amigos y familiares! Well this week was just busy busy busy but a great week in the misison! Lots of WORK WORK WORK! That’s the best way the mission can be! And life in general. We should always take advantage of all the time we have... Anyway, I will start by saying that all my emails will be shorter and shorter! So please don’t think I’m just being lazy. But two things have changed. First, apparently the Church email rule was changed so I have been receiving a little more emails and no time to respond. And second I now have to give informes to my president for my district. So I’m just going to be writing a little less. Lo siento. Oh, and its great to hear from a lot of you! I love hearing from you but I’m going to ask a big favor to my friends. PLEASE KEEP THEM SHORT! The best would be to just keep writing me and if you have something big or a question then email. Please don’t take that the wrong way. It’s just that I will not be able to respond in email and I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring. But if we don’t keep the time well my president will take away lots of email privileges. He’s already taking away from many because they are writing for hours and hours on p-days. I don’t want that! haha. So ya. This week I’ve been getting to know my sector! It’s a good sector! I like it! Its up and down, up and down - lots of little hills. But it’s pretty here. Tons of green! My comp is great! He’s working hard with his little legs and we’re just trying to teach everyone. As of now, it’s all good! So I had a district of 4. Me my comp, and two elders mas. But this zone had a zone conference this week and afterwards the president and assistant changed our zone. A district leader was taken and now I have a district of 6 - my comp and I, two elders from Peru and USA, and two Hermanas from Guatemala and Argentina. First Hermanas I have met in one year in the mission. haha. I am completely awkward and have no idea how to talk to them because for a year I have been very direct with elders and just tell them. But it’s good because now I have to practice being more soft. haha. But ya, I now have no time in the night to do anything -  Just informes, wash face, teeth, and Hasta manana. So that’s new :/ but its all good! Learning tonnnnssss!!! OH and were in a house of 4. Gringo, Ecuatoriano, Colombiano, y Peruano. Fun to get to know all of these countries and cultures. Well that’s it for now. This work is the best! Love it! Love you all! 
Elder Jacobsen 

Oh, in the conference I took a fun picture with my hijo elder Barragan and my new companion Elder Burga. Just happen to be a little short! haha! Gotta love it!

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