Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Transferred Again

Well hello hello! We are in May! Sayyy what! hahah. This is crazy! Time is flying by way to fast! I just passed the year mark which scares me. Because this year has flown by. The last 6 months were some of the fastest months in my life and what scares me is they say once you hit the year it’s all down hill and it just flies! So So So much to do and learn and develop and so little time! Ay yai yai! 

Well I hope everyone is doing great! I think everyone is in their last couple months of school right? Work hard! It’s worth it! Nothing better than a break and knowing that you did your best. In the mission I have learned to do something called rendir cuentas. It has really helped me. We rendir cuentas to ourselves and to the Lord. It’s like giving a summary to the Lord in your prayers. It helps me a ton so that I can repent of every little mistake and really understand what I need to change, improve, or keep doing. And then when I lay down to fall asleep and usually just think if I really gave it my all or not. But usually I don’t think much because I’m asleep in like 5 second because I’m exhausted. haha. I think that’s a good thing. But at times there’s definitely things to ponder about.

Well I have had a crazy change. I was transferred yesterday. I was at another house asleep in an intercambio with another elder and I woke up at midnight to the phone ringing and they told me I had a transfer. I thought it was a joke. One because I only had 2 semanas (weeks) and because the next day was Sunday. But they weren’t joking. They said we had to take a bus at 5 in the morning so I can get back to my house by 6 to pack up my things and take the 3 hour drive to Guayaquil. I was like WHATS HAPPENING. haha! And I won’t lie. I was way way bummed because I loved my new companion! Elder Burga was my best comp yet!  Such a great guy. We were working so well together. And we had 16 people listening to us. It was great! So I did not want to leave it behind. But my zone leaders could tell I was bummed and humbled and helped me by sharing Nephi 3:7 and saying everything has a purpose. And I guess it did. But I’m still a little in unbelief and just really hope that I will be able to help with all the Lord wants me to. 

I have been called to be Zone Leader in Duran Sur. I now really have to apply the Jacobsen phrase - "Attitude is everything", and really just trust in the Lord with all my heart. I know this will be a very humbling experience. I’m grateful to be able to grow and learn more and most of all serve others. I love this work! It is truly the work of God! It’s changing my life! And I promise that we can all be missionaries. Just share your testimony wherever you go! Cuidense mucho! Les quiero

Elder jacobsen 

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