Monday, July 15, 2013

Changed to Quvedo Sur

Well hello hello! I have noooooo time to write at all! I've been changed! Nooooooooooooooooooo! haha. I love Duran Sur. It was an awesome zone and sector. I did not expect the change at all but the Lord knows what he wants and needs. Wow, this was very hard saying goodbye. I didn't have much time to say goodbye to many people but I stopped by La familia Chavez and they started crying and wow that was hard. They wrote me a huge letter and gave me something that I will keep forever. It's a hand made frame decoration that has the fruits of the Holy Ghost. The feelings that someone should always have in their house and in their life! They made it in Quito when they lived there and have had it in their house ever since.  They all wrote me on the back of it and said they want me to have it and to always remember the spirit here and remember it always where ever  I go! I love that family! I love so many people here! Man I dislike changes! So hard! Well, I have no more time! I love this mission! I love this work! I'm learning every day! And its just the best to see the changes in the lives of these great peoples!  I'm now with Elder Munoz from Mexico and we're in Quevedo Sur! Yes, back in Quevedo! But the other side-zone. We have 18 missionaries in this zone so it will be a big adjustment so I'm greatful for my little practice in Duran because I realize that this is going to be a little bit different! But I'm way excited and ready to give it all I have! I love serving the missionaries and trying my best to lead and love them and just be their friend. It's helping me a ton to learn how to develop Christ like attributes. Which i have a lotttttttt to learn! But poco a poco! This is the work of our Savior! Without a doubt! Love you all soo much! Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Working hard,
Elder Jacobsen 

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