Monday, July 22, 2013

Serving a Mission

Buenos Dias! Buenos Dias! Buenos Dias! Well things are great here en La mitad del Mundo! Ecuador! I was pondering a little this morning and man i am just so happy to be here! I love this work! I love it so much! It is truley the best thing i have ever done! Though i can only do this everyday all day for these two years i will be sharing the studying, loveing, living, and sharing this gospel for the rest of my life that my father gives me here to grow as much as i can and help others do the same! This is true happiness! This is changing my life completley! If anyone is reading this and is doubting about going on a mission you already know what im going to say! Get on it, and go serve the lord! It will be the best thing youve ever done! I dont care who you are! If you have the perfect education, job, sport, special someone, or whatever it is that might be makin ya doubt! Put your trust in the Lord and do the best thing that you can possibly do at this time in your life! You will change your life and the life of SO MANY MORE! (Investigadors, Converts, Family, Friends, Future family, and everything for teh rest of your life with be improved for this short amount of time that we are privledge to have) Will it help you with school? YES, your level of studies will shoot throug the roof! Will is help you with jobs? YES, In so many ways!!! Will it help you sports? YES, It sure can! youll learn how to work great in teams and how to achieve goals youve never thought possible. Willl it help you with your special someone? YES! This is one of the biggest blessings there is! To serve the lord and his children and finding yourself in the marvalous work! Please go! and if you cant or youve already served you can still be a missionary! Is it hard? Of course it is! But thats what makes it so great! Thats when we grow so much more! Thats when we grow closer to our heavenly father! Thats when we study and strive harder! Thats when we raise our bar and persfective of ourselves and this life physically, Mentally, and Spiritually! I read somthing a while back that was a picture of the savior and it had the words [I never said it would be easy, But i did say it would be worth it]... Some of the greatest moments of progress, joy, happiness, relief, love, and so much more come from real effort and even a fight through the obsticales of life! But in the end it is SO SO WORTH IT! and though im saying we will have tough times and it wont always be easy i will say as always that you can still be happy! Because ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! Adelante my wonderful friends and family! Everythings great here in Quevedo Sur! My new companion is a great worker! He only has 4 months left. The other two in are house are fresh and ready to learn. One from Espana y the other from Peru! All great guys! The zone is huge and ive been doing intercambios all week with different elders trying to get used to this. haha. But life is great! And it should be for all of us! I love you all so much! Take care! 
Elder Jacobsen 

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