Monday, July 29, 2013

Taking Advantage of Every Moment

Bueno, this week has been another fast week! Times flyin here and I feel like there's just no time to do everything I want to or need to. It's crazy. Almost always there's more than 5 things that are all important but I can only choose one. haha. So ya, I'm really learning how to take advantage of every moment and mangage my time better! I'm grateful this work truly teaches thousands of life lessons and gives us the oppertunity to develop habits that well help us progress through out all of life! 

Well, this week we had two baptisms. That was great!!! I don't have pics because I forgot my camera.  I'll have to copy them from another camara. But it was great! They are both members of inactive members. But we found them and not only got to teach them and help them find and follow the path but we were able to bring back many less actives as well. It's been great! But right now we have hardly anyone. We have one couple that needs to get married and we're trying to do a fundraiser so they can buy some documents and eventually get married. 

Anyway,  I have like no time at all! I'm sorry, but I gotta go! I love you alll so much! Miss ya tons but the time is honestly Volando! Your the best! Thank you for all your support, love, and faith! Adelante!

Elder Jacobsen 

P.s. The pictures are of the 3 Elderes I live with (Peru, Espana, Mexico) 
The other is a picture of celebrating my comps b-day which was yesterday! 
Love this work! And love you! 

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