Monday, August 6, 2012

Cow Hoof

Hello everyone! Hope everyones enjoying and living up the summer of 2012! Sounds like your all having a blast! Hows the olympics? hows the US doing? Its crazy how big the oympics and world cup and all that stuff is here. so yesterday we were studying and apperently there was a olympic soccer game going on. idk who was playing ecuador or someone big becuse whoever it was they scored and the whole place went completly nuts. Every bus car moto was honkin horns people screamin. it was nuts and sweet but weird becuase we cant participate in it. Well things are going much better than last week. haha. now that its over. i think. i hope. i can tell ya i got my first bug. i wont say to much but its all part of the experience right. i just hope its a long time before i get hit again. but sounds like thats not to likily. Anyway yesterday was sweet. we actually had investigadors come to church. I was so happy. The people are so receptive here and willing to listen but the problem is acting and progressing. it is so hard to get them to do anything. They love listening but not doing. Anyway it made sunday which is surprisingly the hardest day for me (i blame it on having to wear suits sundays and having two wards of sitting without airconditioning or nada). But yesterday was great! Two of our investigadors came and they are both progressing. I really think we might have somthing. NEither of them are married :( as always. So babtizing is still far but they want to. Please pray for them. Please pray for these great people to have the desire to act. I know they can do it! I couldnt believe it when one of them went up and bared his testimony saying he loves the church and what it represents and wants to live it. There are great great people here. I know god is preparign them. I just have to do my job and help teach and lead them to the gospel. BUt I could realize use your help with through prayer. So whats new, oh ya, i had my first hoof of a cow! that was crazy! I dont think i need to say anything else. i ate cow hoof. haha. Anyway, i love this gospel! You know, the mission is very schedualed and at times you just want to jump our of your chair or whatever and just run around and scream and do somthing different but its all good! haha, i am learning so much! And one thing i will never get sick of is the oppertunity i have every day to share my testimony. The language is slow, but i am slowing developing and stronger testimony is spanish and i love sharing it. If thats all i can do for two years then so be it. haha. I know this gospel is true. I can see its power everyday! WEll i love you all so much! Dont you dare change while im gone! 
Love always, Elder Jacobsen 

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